Rack Manufacturers Institute Releases 2007 Wire Decking Standards

Are your wire decks up to the industry standard?

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Wire decking is ubiquitous with selective pallet rack–it’s probably the most broadly-specified selective rack accessory.

People use it to when they want pallet support with greater structural strength than other materials, when they want to load boxes or other un-palletized load onto racks, when they want to handle loads that aren’t deep enough to sit on uprights, and when they want to eliminate dust and debris inherent with solid decking materials.

The Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) has released the most current version of its standards for wire pallet rack deck, MH26.2 – Specification for the Design, Testing and Utilization of Welded Wire Rack Decking. The institute offers the standards in PDF format for a free download, here. It’s a technical document, so I’ll break it down.

 Here’s how the RMI’s approval process works

Manufacturers submit evidence of tests and sample load tables, including engineering calculations, to RMI according to standardized guidelines. Following that, RMI administers process submitting documents to two-independent registered engineers selected randomly from a pre-approved pool. If tests show the equipment meets standards, the RMI awards an R-Mark license following approval by both independent engineers.

To be sure your rack decking meets RMI standards, look for the following:

  • First, check your engineering drawings. Product that meets the new standard will be produced in accordance to MH26.2 and R-Mark certified
  • Look for the R-Mark on printed component load tables
  • Ask for the R-Mark on welded wire deck drawings
  • Visit RMI’s website for an upcoming list of R-Mark Wire Decking licensees.
  • Consult with your rack provider.

More resources: Standard wire deck models | Rack Estimator (with options for wire deck)
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