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Download: “10 Ways Material Handling Increases Security”

Secure storage methods can help you be more organized and efficient

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We have uploaded a (free!) PDF of our latest paper, “10 Ways to use Material Handling to Increase Security.” It’s a quick, 4-page read with an additional page on identification systems that can help you quickly sort out the nature of what is being conveyed for a higher level of security and efficiency. It’s free, printable, and worth your time.

You might ask why a material handling company is concerned with security. I might ask why one wouldn’t be concerned with security.

Sure, Cisco-Eagle doesn’t sell cameras or alarm systems. We don’t consult on personnel or security systems, but what we do is inseparable from  security, because the way you store and handle valuable items is impossible to separate from the way you secure them.

While we’re not in the security business, the way you store, ship, receive, move, and handle inventory has a direct and pronounced impact on its security. It’s common for security considerations to be directly integrated into storage plans, and these are things we’ve learned along the way.

The material handling security download can be found here.

We also have printed copies of this paper that include some common equipment types used in secure storage. If you want a copy of that (or more than one copy) contact us — we’ll drop one in the mail for you.
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Scott Stone is Cisco-Eagle's Vice President of Marketing with more than thirty years of experience in material handling, warehousing and industrial operations. His work is published in multiple industry journals an websites on a variety of warehousing topics. He writes about automation, warehousing, safety, manufacturing and other areas of concern for industrial operations and those who operate them.

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