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Hytrol to hold the line on conveyor costs until June 30 despite escalating, unpredictable steel costs

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Steel prices and fuel prices are headed nowhere but up in the coming months.

Price increases and surcharges have become commonplace, driven by increased steel costs and skyrocketing fuel prices. We look around and see manufacturers issuing price increases, steel surcharges and fees on a weekly basis. It’s industry-wide and it’s being driven by international demand and also some commodities market issues. We have seen manufacturers decline to provide a price – orders are priced at shipment. This is reminiscent of the 1970’s, and it’s welcome by absolutely nobody who runs an industrial facility or deals in material handling equipment.

Hytrol Conveyor’s Bob West wrote a letter that tells us “We at Hytrol don’t have a crystal ball but we do believe that in the long term, prices will not be going down.” Perhaps. There is some hope that this run up has been fueled by speculation. Either way, if you’re looking at a larger scale conveyor purchase, sooner is better for you. That’s why we are encouraging you to look at this, from that same Hytrol letter:

“For all new purchase orders submitted to Hytrol through the close of business June 30th (2008), we will guarantee to hold the price regardless of economic changes! That’s correct, for any new orders before July 1st, you will pay the published Hytrol price. No hidden cost increases, no surcharges, guaranteed! To be eligible for this price hold guarantee, the order must be processable when received by Hytrol and it must ship during the 2008 calendar year.”

This isn’t a marketing gimmick. It’s a very real opportunity for to you to consider pulling the trigger on conveyor purchases now rather than later. Certainly, if the situation with steel improves, it will be a process that happens later this year or into 2009. If you’re buying, now is better. Steel will not be less expensive in three months, and this stability from Hytrol is a very welcome thing. We will do everything possible to help you expedite orders to get them in before this deadline.

To read more on the steel pricing situation, see our steel pricing situation area. We’ll keep that area updated with the latest news on this issue as we receive it.

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