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White Paper: Conveyor Systems Implementation Considerations

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We’ve been posting a series of brief conveyor white papers. There are 5 now, with many others in development for future publication. You’ll always be able to download these PDF files from our site, and will be informed as there are new ones. This paper, “Conveyor System Implementation Considerations” (PDF file; opens in a new window) focuses on implementation considerations.

It speaks to return on investment issues, as well as energy savings. Before implementing a material handling system, you have many considerations. The two biggest in today’s economic conditions are: ROI and Sustainability.

Return on investment

When ROI is calculated on the front-end of a project based upon improvements and reductions, the outward initial expenditure often is seen as an excellent deal. If it isn’t, you should rethink the reasons you are implementing a system, whether it be conveyor or other handling equipment.

Sustainability factors

Any proactive company today realizes that sustainability isn’t a buzzword but an asset when making capital expenditures. Not only is the equipment more efficient, it can make your production, process or facility much more sustainable and profitable.

Check out the white paper for more details.
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Scott Stone is Cisco-Eagle's Vice President of Marketing with more than thirty years of experience in material handling, warehousing and industrial operations. His work is published in multiple industry journals an websites on a variety of warehousing topics. He writes about automation, warehousing, safety, manufacturing and other areas of concern for industrial operations and those who operate them.

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