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Hytrol Introduces New DCEZD-62, DCEZD-63, and a New End Drive for DC-62 Drag Chain Conveyors

Pallet conveying innovations from Hytrol

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Our partners at Hytrol Conveyors have introduced a couple of new upgrades to drag chain conveyors.

First, they are rolling out two new models, the DCEZ the DCEZD-62 and DCEZD-63 heavy duty drag chain pallet conveyors. These are 2-and-3-strand drag chain conveyors ideal for medium duty zero-pressure accumulation. They utilize Hytrol’s EZLogic® Accumulation System and EZDrive decentralized drive system for non-reversing applications. They’re also manufacturing a new end drive for the DC-62 and DC-63, the two-and three-strand drag chain conveyors designed to handle pallets.

DCEZD-62 and DCEZD-63

Horizontal drag chain conveyors tend to be used for pallet loads.

drag chain pallet conveyor

  • 3,000 pounds capacity per zone
  • Eliminates product skewing by maintaining contact with chain at all times
  • Eliminates need for compressed air
  • Uses EZLogic® accumulation system features: allows cascade slug release for higher product throughput using lower speeds, and uses sleep mode for higher energy efficiency and reduced wear
  • Catenary take-up (no manual adjustment required)
  • Replaces DCEZ-60 and DCEZ-63

End Drive for DC-62 and DC-63

  • 5,500 pound capacity
  • Catenary take-up (no manual adjustment required)

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