Join us at National Safety Congress 2017

A great opportunity for networking, education and more for safety professionals

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Cisco-Eagle is exhibiting at the National Safety Council Congress & Expo this month, and if you are planning to attend, we’d love to visit! We are at booth 3447, and will be doing live demonstrations of our exclusive AisleCop® forklift safety systemAisleAlert warning sensors, Wireless Blind Spot Camera System and other innovative safety equipment for industrial operations.

This year, The Congress is in Indianapolis, IN, September 23-29, and well worth your time if you are a safety or EHS specialist or run any operation where people are potentially at risk.

We’ll have Cisco-Eagle’s expert safety specialists on hand. They have solved some of the most difficult PIT safety and traffic management issues around, for Fortune 100 companies and small operations alike. You can ask them questions, discuss any issues you have and pick up information on making your people safer from industrial traffic.

Drop by to view our products, ask us questions and visit about safety concerns in your facility.

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