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Shoptalk: EDC’s Advanced Order Fulfillment System Upgrade

A review of Education Development Company's direct-to-customer distribution center

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In this installment of our  Shoptalk video series, Amanda reviews how we helped Educational Development Corporation meet high order volumes and increase customer service with a new order fulfillment system in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Amanda, a 5-year veteran, is a Design Engineer in our Systems Integration Group. She’s helped many customers improve their facilities and processes, from order fulfillment to space utilization. She was the lead engineer on this project, and volunteered to walk through the key aspects EDC’s amazing new order fulfillment center.

A good problem: exceptional growth

EDC was experiencing massive growth over the last few years, and that caused a backlog of orders, slow shipment and difficulties with quality. Even while shipping record order volumes (upwards of 5,000 a day using 3 shifts), EDC was failing to meet ever-increasing demand.  All of these issues worked together to further slow down fulfillment.

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EDC’s new order fulfillment operation smashed shipping records

As Amanda explains, Cisco-Eagle’s solutions were the following:

  • Utilize pick-to-light technology to upgrade picking accuracy and reduce the employee training curve by visually displaying every pick and its quantity
  • Newly installed a modernized conveyor system to handle the volume
  • Installed high-density flow racks that help make picking easier and faster
  • Revitalized the shipping and packing areas

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