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Get Lifted – Use National Forklift Safety Day To Highlight Your Procedures

Sixth Annual National Forklift Safety Day

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The forklift industry will be in Washington, D.C., this month to take part in the sixth annual National Forklift Safety Day. The event, scheduled for June 11, will provide an opportunity for the industry to educate customers, the public, and government officials about the safe use of forklifts and the importance of proper operator training. Taking the time to ensure that your workforce is aware of these forklift operations and procedures is an important way to ensure an environment of pedestrian safety for your facility.

Cisco-Eagle highlights forklift safety as one of our main objectives of helping customers achieve safety success. To help celebrate National Forklift Safety Day, we’ve lined up some of our previous content so you have an easy portal towards a safer forklift environment:

Step-by-Step Safety Process for Forklifts and Pedestrians

OSHA statistics tell us that Americans suffer 85 deaths, 35,000 serious injuries, and another 62,000 non-serious injuries every year related to forklifts. In this guide, we lay out the steps for a comprehensive forklift/pedestrian safety plan to help avoid these deadly interactions.

Shoptalk: Zonesafe Proximity Warning System

In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s video series Shoptalk, we show you how our Zonesafe Proximity Warning System works to detect pedestrians and warn forklift drivers when they are nearby, out of sight or in danger of collisions. The video demonstrates the features of the system, and how it warns both driver and pedestrian of impending danger.

AisleCop: Pedestrian or Forklift Priority

Using our AisleCop Forklift Safety Gate System, we illustrate the options available for priority management with your forklift and pedestrian traffic. Reviewing some situations and layouts allows you to see that multiple factors can influence how your intersection behaves.

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