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The Upgraded AisleAlert 2.0 Forklift/Pedestrian Safety System

Lighter, smarter, easier to install and less expensive

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AisleAlert Floor Projection Warning System

AisleAlert, our exclusive forklift-pedestrian safety system, was the first system on the market to utilize floor bursts to warn people and drivers of potential collisions. Introduced in 2010, the system is in use in hundreds of manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers to help increase awareness and safety. Now, the system has been upgraded. Here’s what to expect from AisleAlert 2.0.

What’s new?

It’s less expensive

AisleAlert was always a premium system. It had features that nothing else in the industry matched, and safety professionals deployed it because it was so exacting and intelligent. We were able to keep those advantages with the new design and manufacturing process, but still reduce prices for 2, 3 and 4-way systems across the board.

A sleek new shape

Previously the AisleAlert had been a box shape. It was functional, it was powerful, but it was kind of plain. Now, like its sister product, AisleCop®, the AisleAlert system is hex-shaped as part of our safety brand. It’s a great look. When combined with AisleCop® automated gates, it delivers continuity of safety systems look and feel throughout a facility.

It’s light and built with advanced manufacturing techniques

The new 3D printed case allowed us to significantly reduce both the size and weight of the system. This means AisleAlert will be easier to hang, adjust and move as needed.

What’s unchanged

It still flashes a bright light on the ground, where it’s more likely to be seen

AisleAlert triggers only for potential collisionsWhen we designed AisleAlert, we examined the research, and it was clear: people’s eyes scan the ground when they walk. Because early humans needed to navigate rough, uneven terrain and avoid snakes or other dangers, we look down when we move.

Our eyes are always on the lookout for obstacles. The AisleAlert system keyed off this on its release and still does. We’ve added a brighter, more focused and visible flashing light that is harder to miss.

It still comes with either red or blue lights, still comes in 2, 3 or 4-way configurations, and is still easy to install and power up.

AisleAlert still has a light around its perimeter, which can be seen at a distance, but it emphasizes warning people who are nearby, who are walking or driving a forklift when it triggers. The emphasis is on its simple, effective design that triggers warnings where people will actually see them. 

It still triggers only if there is a possible collision

AisleAlert pioneered false positives elimination.

When a warning system constantly triggers, people will disregard it. To trigger, AisleAlert required movement toward the sensors in at least two opposing directions. Most other systems saw movement (unopposed, and even away from the sensor) and triggered, but when AisleAlert triggers, it’s because there is an imminent potential collision. Many other warning systems have adopted this principle nearly a decade later. That’s good news for anyone who wants safer pedestrian-PIT interactions.

It still hangs from the ceiling

AisleAlert wasn’t the first system to hang from your ceiling, but it was the most advanced. Because you can suspend it from your ceiling and monitor opposing aisles or corners as an “eye in the sky,” it’s remained a ceiling-mounted system.

It’s still flexible

You can choose to mount the sensors remotely, which allows more sophisticated safety notifications and warnings than anything else on the market.

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