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Shine A Light – How LEDs Can Illuminate Your Operations

Move out of the darkness with LED lighting upgrades

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Worker safety extends to all facets of a facility, from the forklift/pedestrian interactions to ergonomic that reduce fatigue and even the reporting software options needed to keep efficient track of incidents and near-misses. One area that sometimes is overlooked is actually that which you might want to look up and discover…..your lights. Traditional lighting generates a darkened environment that can reduce visibility, efficiency and morale.

In recent years, many smart companies turned to LED lighting to improve all of those factors and more.

The benefits of smarter lighting

Energy efficiency

There are other great reasons to switch to LED lights, but the best is reduced energy consumption. LEDs use a fraction of the power of traditional bulbs to shine and offer almost immediate money savings in comparison. This reduction extends as well to the overall environmental impact a facility produces, which can be a benefit in perception and benefits.

LEDs operate using much less heat than a traditional lighting option, therefore reducing the need for your HVAC system to compensate and use more energy as well. This optimal temperature output means keeping your facility cooler in those summer months when the heat starts to affect not only warehouse energy, but employee energy also.

A safer situation

Before and After LED Lighting Aside from energy savings, an LED-lit warehouse is safer — when visibility is better, accidents are reduced, while eye strain is greatly mitigated. People make fewer mistakes in good lighting and comprehend their environment better, so errors of all types — including ones that compromise people’s safety — can be reduced over time. You can also improve safety designated areas by making your aisles, staircases, forklift/pedestrian crossings, and other high traffic spots better lit for an increase in not only safety but productivity.

Morale and employee retention are critical

If you’ve spent time in a dimly-lit warehouse, you probably know that it’s unpleasant. Better lighting increases morale and employee satisfaction, which are critical to retaining employees during this tight labor market. People leave companies for a variety of reasons, including the work environment. Targeting things that make your operation unpleasant can yield long term results in terms of retention rates and labor stability.  In this employee-driven economy, any edge you can get in retention is worth it. You can also add sensors to parts or all of your LED lighting, which will turn on the light automatically when presence is detected. This not only helps (again) with energy-saving but eliminates the need to walk through a dark warehouse to get to a light switch.

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Error reduction and increased productivity

Better lighting in turn can also lead to fewer errors on the job, but also increases productivity. According to a CBRE study, natural lighting can increase productivity vs. fluorescent or halogen by up to 12%. Over time, each advantage you give your workforce stacks up to mean they’re working faster and better than before. People feel more energized and better about working when their environment is improved. Lighting, sound and temperature all matter, and lighting is perhaps the easiest factor to improve.

Reduced maintenance

You don’t want to replace bulbs, I don’t want to replace bulbs….NO ONE wants to replace bulbs. With LED lights in your facility, you could possibly spend one time with the bulb in your hand, and that’s when you install it in the first place. Most LED bulbs last over 10-plus years, some close to 20. Add to that protection against a high power surge, and you can significantly reduce the amount of time working on or worrying about your lighting.


Double Bay LED Lighting A warehouse can be a rough and demanding environment where all types of machinery and equipment are frequently used. Unlike their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts, LED lights are durable enough to stand up to the abuse of a busy workplace. Because they’re much harder to shatter or break, there’s less chance an accident will take an LED fixture out of commission, which gives you extra peace of mind.

LED lighting solutions have been around long enough now that the results show a dependable resource that improves both a work environment and worker response. Add some to your facility and watch the savings and efficiency shine before your very eyes.

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