June Is National Safety Month

25 years working to keep each other safe in any facility

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Using National Safety Month to focus on improvements for your workers is always the goal, but with this being the 25th anniversary of focusing on safety in the workplace, we at Cisco-Eagle’s safety division wanted to take the time to properly showcase what this program has to offer this month and highlight areas where safety equipment help.

National Safety Month Topics

  • Week 1 – Prevent Incidents Before They Start: An ounce of prevention….well, you know how that one goes. When it comes to safety in a facility or warehouse, prevention is paramount to successful operations. Whether installing forklift/pedestrian protection systems into your high-traffic areas or taking the plunge and outfitting your staff with the latest reporting software, each step taken to tackle safety issues before they happen can lead to lives saved and equipment unscathed.
  • Week 2 – Address Ongoing COVID-19 Safety Concerns: A new age, and a new set of safety precautions for sure. While we have made great strides in protecting employees and meeting this new challenge head-on, you want to maintain certain protocols to ensure workers are safe. Utilizing CDC and OSHA recommendations is a great start, and some of the precautions taken can be kept for the future, as we’re all learning what works and what can add to efficient operations.
  • Week 3 – It’s Vital to Feel Safe on the Job: All-encompassing safety programs are the ones that can truly improve a facility’s operations. While adding equipment and programs for the physical safety of employees yields results, adding a focus on mental health is just as vital. Improving the psychological safety of your workers ensures a safe, inclusive environment while lifting up (so to speak) those who need it.
  • Week 4 – Advance Your Safety Journey: There’s no way around it, continuous improvement is the only way to make sure your safety program helps your facility thrive. You can bring the same education and training out every year, but in doing so all you foster is complacency and ineffectiveness. Adding new programs not only encourages employee retention but offers teachable moments for all within an operation.

Cisco-Eagle’s commitment to safer operations

We believe in prioritizing safety in facility operations and offer multiple resources to help educate and promote this ideal. You can visit the safety portion of our blog to get the latest posts that highlight safety equipment and processes. We frequently update this section, and some recent offerings include:

Our Shoptalk video series also provide videos you can watch and get ideas for safety improvements you might want to incorporate, like this one focusing on our Zonesafe forklift/pedestrian proximity warning system:

While using June’s National Safety Month as a springboard to safer operations, make sure your programs and training are year-round and include the latest in education and equipment. Workplace accidents aren’t going anywhere (and actually increased year over year), so observing these guidelines can help you avoid costly accidents.

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