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Randy Williams is Cisco-Eagle’s 2021-2022 Employee-Owner of the Year

Knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm for our ESOP, Randy has helped guide Cisco-Eagle to success

Presentation of award obelisk in front of Employee Owner of the Year wall plaque

CEO Darein Gandall presents Randy Williams with the award

Randy Williams has been named Cisco-Eagle’s 2021-2022 Employee-Owner of the Year by his fellow employee-owners.

The award is presented annually by Cisco-Eagle’s ESOP Advisory Committee. The award is unique because management plays no role in its selection; all nominations come from Cisco-Eagle employee-owners. A committee of peers—not management—chooses the winner. This means that our winners have earned genuine respect and admiration from the people around them.

Randy joined Cisco-Eagle in 2001 as our Chief Financial Officer, and has been a vital part of our company’s long-term growth. His contributions have always gone further than his financial responsibilities. He has deep a understanding of various back office and other technical systems.

Award criteria

Our selection criteria focus on teamwork, contributions and a willingness to help others.

  • Participate in events and/or committees inside of Cisco-Eagle
  • Go beyond what is expected of them at Cisco-Eagle
  • Show exceedingly good character traits
  • Nurture ownership culture throughout the company

“Randy meets these criteria—and then some,” said Darein Gandall, Cisco-Eagle CEO. “He’s deeply involved in moving employee ownership forward and has a can-do spirit everyone relies on.”

Randy Williams, Cisco-Eagle

Randy and Sharon Williams

Our ESOP’s biggest champion

During his 21-year Cisco-Eagle tenure, Randy has participated in many teams and committees, including the ESOP Advisory Committee, our Rewards and Recognition team, the Great Game of Business committee and the steering committee. He participates in companywide activities like our “Guess Our Stock Value” contest and dress-up days (though he’s always careful to recuse himself in any game where he might have an advantage).

Randy Williams, Cisco-Eagle in costume

On committees, he can be counted on as the voice of commitment to what’s right and fair.

Passion and deep knowledge of employee ownership

Randy patiently explains how ownership works at every opportunity. “No one is a bigger advocate for employee ownership at Cisco-Eagle,” Gandall said.

Along with his knowledge of the ESOP, he possesses a depth and breadth of knowledge of our financials. He can explain anything financial to anyone, at any level of the company. Randy has been critical to Cisco-Eagle’s open book financials, which makes almost all financial information available to our employee-owners. Randy leads monthly huddles, where forecasts, budgets and actual financial information is discussed with all employee-owners.

A key factor in our success

Randy is known as a patient presence who steers the company toward steady success. He understands all the components of the Cisco-Eagle machine, and he helps guide it in a way that benefits all of us.

“You can see Randy’s fingerprints on every aspect of our company’s success,” said Gandall. “We couldn’t possibly be where we are without him. I know my job would be impossible without Randy.”

One of his nominators agrees: “Our future managers will owe their opportunities for success to the solid financial foundation that Randy has afforded us.”

One of his nominations sums it up this way: “Ask Randy”

If there’s any kind of financial question, ask Randy. When there’s a question about ESOP companies in general, ask Randy. If there’s a question about our Cisco-Eagle ESOP, ask Randy. If there’s a question about Cisco-Eagle in general, ask Randy. I have been told to ask Randy countless times. He is approachable and has a wealth of knowledge. He is an integral part of Cisco-Eagle and an outstanding employee-owner!

A steady hand for more than two decades

Randy Williams, Cisco-Eagle with fellow employee owners, wearing Dallas Cowboys gear
Randy’s adherence to ownership principles and accuracy have guided Cisco-Eagle for over two decades, providing a stable platform for our growth and success. He’s known to be fair, firm and consistent, but also light-hearted and positive.

For all these reasons and others, your fellow employee-owners are happy to salute you, Randy!

Watch this true team player take a pie in the face for ESOP awareness

About employee ownership at Cisco-Eagle

Cisco-Eagle employees own 100% of the company’s shares. We believe that ownership empowers our team to provide better service—and, judging by reviews, our customers seem to agree. For more information about our ownership culture, visit our ESOP page.

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