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National Forklift Safety Day is June 14th

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National Forklift Safety Day logo for June 14th 2022

This year’s National Forklift Safety Day takes place on June 14, marking the 9th consecutive year the program—which puts a spotlight on forklift safety—has been operating. It’s a good time to refresh your knowledge, reflect on the dangers and take stock of the way you use forklifts in your warehouse.

With events scheduled and programs offered, managers and forklift-oriented workers are encouraged to view and share as much as they can. From safe operations checklists to educational sessions, there’s something for every operation to learn and apply when it comes to forklift/pedestrian safety.

Focus on forklift safety

Our cisco-eagle safety automation group provides forklift safety solutions designed to protect pedestrians and forklifts from costly collisions. To highlight our dedication to safety, we publish many articles on ways to make your operations safer for daily forklift use. Included are some of the most recent forklift safety posts from the last year:

Shoptalk: Low clearance alarm bars

In one of the latest editions of our ongoing Shoptalk video series, employee-owner Logan reviews how the installation and use of low-clearance alarm bars can reduce expensive damage.

As Logan explains, these safety bars alert forklift drivers of clearance heights before they enter. This warning is effective in reducing overhead collisions which can damage a variety of areas in your building. Not only that, but these bars also help reduce falling loads as a result of the collisions, saving product damage and employee injuries!

How to prevent overhead forklift damage

Delving further into the topic of overhead forklift damage, this article spotlights multiple options any operation could use. From goal post bars to sensors, and even providing a checklist for training, we cover crucial methods aimed at protecting your valuable ductwork, overhead conveyors, HVAC units and more. Each is focused on the prevention of costly damage and/or injury from forklift usage because it’s all about changing driver behavior.

Forklift safety technology roundup

Each new year brings new technologies not only to overall warehouse safety, but specifically when it comes to forklift operations. In this article, we put a spotlight on 3 of the latest offerings and how each can benefit your operations:

  • 180-degree forklift mounted collision sensors – This forklift-mounted sensor helps drivers stay aware of objects and pedestrians behind them by using light signals and an audible alarm.
  • Floor-level LED sign projection systems – Keep pedestrians aware of forklift traffic by projecting highly visible signage onto the floor with these systems. Either armed with sensors or as a standalone projection, this projected image is vastly more durable than floor markers (no chips or damage at all).
  • Interactive sign systems – Highly customizable, these safety signs light up when activated, enhancing their effectiveness. There are also a variety of activation methods to fit the intersection(s) you’re concerned about.

Traffic barriers and pedestrian protection

Adding a layer of protection with traffic barriers certainly isn’t a new solution. In this post, we focus on which type of barrier system is right for your specific safety environment. By highlighting the key reasons to install barriers, and offering questions every manager should ask before deciding, we provide a complete checklist (of sorts). Consider it a handy jumping-off point!

These are just highlights of how we at Cisco-Eagle are dedicated to protecting what matters most in your facility. We want you to use these in addition to your education/training methods to make this year’s National Forklift Safety Day one that matters.

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