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Joy Hunsigner is Cisco-Eagle’s 2022-2023 Employee-Owner of the Year

Highly skilled - and even more dedicated

Presentation of the Cisco-Eagle Employee-Owner of the Year Award in Dallas, TRX

Above, left to right: Cisco-Eagle President Bryan Gauger, Employee-Owner of the Year Joy Hunsinger and CEO Darein Gandall

The employee-owners of Cisco-Eagle named Joy Hunsinger as our company’s 2022-2023 Employee-Owner of the Year.

The award is unique because it’s bestowed by a team of employees, the ESOP Advisory Committee after a round of companywide nominations. A committee of peers—fellow employee-owners—chooses the employee of the year.

“Cisco-Eagle is a company where employees become owners and owners are the heart of our company. We work hard together, always aiming for improvement and have continued to build something we can be proud of as a team. We experience successes from the smallest tasks in our days to the biggest projects we work on over years. I am so blessed to have found my way to Cisco-Eagle and been given the opportunity to grow into a role that gets to work closely with each and every one of our owners, across all our offices. It is truly an honor to be named the Employee-Owner of the Year, representing some of the best people in the business at this incredible company. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Joy Hunsinger


Above: The Hunsinger family – Cameron, Tom, Joy and Carson

Joy joined Cisco-Eagle as a member of the marketing team in 2010, and later transitioned to a Business Analyst position in our information technology group. Her responsibilities are broad, including CRM administration, phone systems, networks. sales support and more. Her dedication to excellence was apparent from the start, as she helped modernize customer service, CRM and many other aspects of Cisco-Eagle.

“Joy seeks real understanding when problem solving, and like many business owners is a person with real tenacity.” – CIO Bob Hauck.

Award criteria

Joy Hunsinger

Our selection criteria focus on teamwork, contributions and a willingness to help others.

  • Participate in events and/or committees inside of Cisco-Eagle: Joy never misses company huddles and is always a strong team player, whose work with our ESOP committee and other groups is well known.
  • Go beyond what is expected of them at Cisco-Eagle: This is a given for Joy, but her 2022 contributions were special.
  • Show exceedingly good character traits: Anyone who has spent time with Joy knows that she is an extremely ethical and honest person who always strives to help others.
  • Nurture ownership culture throughout the company: Joy’s presentations for stock reveals and employee-owner of the year are always spectacular, but she goes well beyond those. She works, thinks and acts as an owner and business partner, always willing to help her fellow employee-owners and advance our shared value.

“Joy’s commitment to these principles is apparent in the way she conducts herself,” said Cisco-Eagle president Bryan Gauger. “She’s the kind of person who is always willing to help and who you can always count on.”

A relentless contributor

Cisco-Eagle CIT team

Above: The Cisco-Eagle CIT team

During 2022, Joy spearheaded several large-scale efforts. She led multiple, successful large-scale projects that drove the company forward, helped serve our customers and improved the working lives of her fellow employee-owners.

First, she led the upgrade of our CRM system, a long-term project that required coordination with multiple parties, internal and external. She led the upgrade team with the collaborative, always-helpful style that she’s known for throughout the company. Joy coordinated the integration and coding efforts within Cisco-Eagle and worked with our software partners to ensure the transition was smooth and on time. This effort required her to travel to multiple locations to help train our various offices on the new system and how to make the most of it. Her knowledge of every aspect of the transition and ability to communicate complex topics was invaluable.

“Nobody is sure exactly how she gets it all done” – CEO Darein Gandall

Following the CRM upgrade, Joy supervised a full phone system upgrade — another project that required long-term planning and multi-team execution across multiple states. Again, she combined technical acumen and a deep understanding of human elements. This effort again involved multiple stakeholders and complexity.

At the same time as the phone system upgrade, Joy spearheaded a full network upgrade for all Cisco-Eagle facilities. Her work within the information technology team and throughout our offices with a variety of people again made this a successful effort.

What her fellow employee-owners had to say

Joy received many nominations for this award.

“To me, Joy represents what Cisco-Eagle is about as an employee-owned company. She is a driving force in the success of our company and I am confident in having her as a representative of Cisco-Eagle as Employee of the year.”

Another echoed the sentiment that Joy had an exceptional year:

“Joy is a deserving employee-owner of the year most any year, but especially this one, given all she’s done. She’s deeply invested in our success, works to make it so and is a ‘joy’ to work with.”

This comment reflects on Joy’s drive to help anyone, anytime.

“Joy is always willing to drop what she’s doing to help someone out. She’s talented, moral, ethical, organized and a great communicator.”

Another says it all, in one short and sweet quote:

“Joy is what makes Cisco-Eagle great.”

About employee ownership at Cisco-Eagle

Cisco-Eagle employees own 100% of the company’s shares. We believe that ownership empowers our team to provide better service—and, judging by reviews, our customers seem to agree. For more information about our ownership culture, visit our ESOP page.

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