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Vanishing Point – Finding Warehouse Workers In The New Normal

July 20, 2021

warehouse workers walking and evaluating facility

As we navigate through a vaccination-ramped up world, many potential workers that either had tough choices to make or were left behind are now in demand by virtually all industries. The labor pool has shrunk, and many companies are finding the acquiring of talent a massive headache. Those roles within a warehouse that would otherwise be much easier to fill are requiring effort and enticement never needed before to bring in potential employees.

Warehouse employment is at an all-time high, so how can you sell your facility as an interesting and exciting place to work at? We review some options.

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Half The World Away – Automated Storage and Social Distancing

November 17, 2020

ASRS system

In this new age of Covid-19, facilities all across the globe are working within ever-changing restrictions and prioritizing employee protection while keeping operations moving forward. Social distancing is a key component of this within any building, and those tasked with monitoring and implementing distancing within a workforce must create new ways to combat the spread. This challenge is tough to work within even the smallest of offices, let alone a large warehouse or distribution center. Reducing employee contact while maintaining thriving production is not easy, and requires continued vigilance and creativity.

When considering options for increased or maintained social distancing, utilizing an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) is a great option to help prepare your facility for the coming waves and for the automated future that lies on the horizon.

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Space And Time – Distancing On The Warehouse Floor

October 6, 2020

As we’ve discussed before, the age of Covid-19 has brought not just a new normal for ourselves and communities, but for the warehouses and facilities we work in as well. As we pass the summer and venture head-on into the fall and winter months, many locations are starting to see an easing of the restrictions that were in place to protect workers. As these restrictions are lifted and there begins an (at least partial) return to normal, each facility must now make adjustments to this new normal of how to protect those returning to work and what to apply to their floor operations for future protection.

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Behind That Locked Door – Locker Cleanliness

September 24, 2020

industrial lockers in warehouse

As our new normal in the age of Covid-19 marches on, each facility is faced with balancing the ever-growing demand for products/services and keeping workers safe. Your environment must be clean and protect your employees every day to ensure not only the health and wellness of your workforce, but also an efficient and productive operation. New practices should be implemented to fight against this invisible enemy, whether it’s distancing or disinfecting.

With the continued easing of restrictions on how many people each facility may have on hand, you want to have a program in place that tackles all facets of employee safety. One area to target has one of the highest traffic rates and potential for infection–facility lockers.

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Into The Unknown – Cold Storage And Covid-19

May 12, 2020

cold storage workers

In this new age of Covid-19, many industries are working towards a newer normal for their operations. One industry that is dealing with increased demand and also constant disruption is the food distribution industry. Simply put, there’s just so great of a need as we continue to shelter in place that food production is soaring. With that, storage is key for those online and retail grocers that are trying to satisfy all consumers nationwide.

Cold storage is looking at a massive rise in increased storage space to help those essential businesses keep the food flowing. CBRE Research explored the relationship between e-commerce grocery growth and cold storage warehouse capacity, finding that up to 100 million sq. ft. of industrial freezer/cooler space will be needed to meet the demand generated by online grocery sales in the next five years … but that was before this pandemic started, meaning the additional storage need is greatly accelerated now.

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Your Guide To Covid-19 Manufacturing And Safety Resources

April 23, 2020

machine worker in mask

Last month, the National Association of Manufacturers conducted a survey of its member companies asking about the type of resources that would help them cope with the Covid-19 outbreak. This survey was undertaken so that NAM would know what to provide for their members during this pandemic, and how they could structure the resources to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

This is just one example of the opportunity for associations, alliances, memberships and companies to become not only a partner to each other, but also a support system of information for all businesses during this new age of Covid-19.

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Strange Days Indeed – Upgrading Automation In The Age Of Covid-19

April 14, 2020

automation in action in warehouse

Each day brings new challenges and new considerations for warehousing, distribution and manufacturing operations in the age of Covid-19. One of the chief aspects of this “new normal” is the human element in your business. It’s shut down some operations, and crimped many others. For certain industries, demand has skyrocketed.

Automated solutions have the ability to help you weather the storm — or prepare for the next wave.

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Keeping Safe Distance With Wire Partitions

April 9, 2020

driver cage for safe distancing

Wire partitions are a safe way to provide secure storage for critical inventory, tools and components in any manufacturing or distribution facility. They can be relied upon in a variety of applications to protect inventory and reduce shrinkage.

In the Covid-19 age of social distancing, using cages to enforce distances is a relatively new but critical function. When it comes to protecting your workers, you want to look at all methods. While wire partitions can’t be used in every situation where there’s a need for employee distancing and protection, in some aspects they can certainly help.

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A Salute to Warehouse Workers

April 7, 2020

orders being packed at a distribution facility

During the Covid-19 crisis, many office workers are sheltering in place. They’re working through conference calls, web meetings and mobile technology. They are also ordering groceries and other staples and having it delivered to their doors to help prevent the spread of the virus. They’re hitting retail stores. All of this is helping reduce future cases of the virus.

It’s also straining the retail and eCommerce supply chains, and someone has to fill those orders: The warehouse worker.

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