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The Anatomy of a Pick Module

April 12, 2022

Pick module with carton flow on two levels in an apparel distribution center.

Pick modules support a range of warehouse activities, but their primary role is to increase the speed and space efficiency of order fulfillment operations. Configured with racks (which are usually the support structure), conveyors, flow storage, shelves and modular storage, they let you design the storage, fulfillment and picking strategy that fits your needs. Some pick modules are simple — really, just a shelf-supported mezzanine. Others combine automation and WMS systems for full systems integration.

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Spot The Mark – Why Floor Marking Is Essential

January 7, 2021

warehouse floor tape

As we navigate this new age of Covid-19 and the distancing associated with it on all fronts of our lives, keeping areas within your facility safe and spaced becomes not only a priority now, but leads to further efficiency for operations in the future. Operations that utilize efficient means for creating visual clues within their warehouse showcase a more productive work environment that also keeps employees and equipment free from potential hazards.

One method to aid in this endeavor is floor marking. By marking areas in your facility, you highlight risks, outline areas for equipment and people, direct traffic and showcase safety considerations. In short, just by adding some color to your floor, you make your entire facility easier to navigate.

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Half The World Away – Automated Storage and Social Distancing

November 17, 2020

ASRS system

In this new age of Covid-19, facilities all across the globe are working within ever-changing restrictions and prioritizing employee protection while keeping operations moving forward. Social distancing is a key component of this within any building, and those tasked with monitoring and implementing distancing within a workforce must create new ways to combat the spread. This challenge is tough to work within even the smallest of offices, let alone a large warehouse or distribution center. Reducing employee contact while maintaining thriving production is not easy, and requires continued vigilance and creativity.

When considering options for increased or maintained social distancing, utilizing an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) is a great option to help prepare your facility for the coming waves and for the automated future that lies on the horizon.

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The Basement Tapes – Tenant Lockers Options For Your Condo

August 18, 2020

tenant lockers

As multi-family apartments and condominiums are continuing to be constructed at a fast pace nationwide, the need for those that dwell in those spaces to store their belongings is a need that never goes away, only amplified by our e-commerce consumer culture. If your location doesn’t offer storage for tenant excess, then consider using storage lockers to solve this problem and (possibly) make you some extra money.

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How to Add Carton Flow to Pallet Racks

May 21, 2020

Carton flow tracks set into pallet rack in a distribution center
Above: flow storage installed on pallet rack beams in a distribution center

To increase warehouse productivity, reducing the time it takes for people to execute a task is always going to pay off. One way to do that is to concentrate on picking areas so that people are able to get what they need faster and more efficiently. A common gravity flow application is to mount shelves of flow storage on pallet rack so you can mix & match gravity flow and bulk pallet storage in the same structure for both existing and new rack systems.

Whether you’re adding flow storage to an existing rack system or building it from new, this guide should help you get started.

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How to Specify Your Mezzanine Project

January 7, 2020


Increasing space in your current facility is a big decision that requires an evaluation from a number of perspectives for the best outcome. Mezzanines are a common, relatively fast and economical way to add space to warehouses, factories, hangars and other commercial facilities. You should work through the following considerations for mezzanine design and specification.

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Tips for Laying Out Your Pallet Rack System for Maximum Efficiency

December 17, 2019

pallet rack system in a warehouse

When you want to organize and optimize warehouse space, pallet racks are one of the best places to start, since racks occupy a large percentage of space in most warehouses. Good layouts let you optimize your facility, pick faster and store more. You can produce more, faster and safer.

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Measuring Your Facility, Part 2: Common Obstructions & Interferences

September 13, 2018

measuring a warehouse facility

In part one of this series, we discussed the fundamentals of facility measurement and the impact building column types and spacing can have. The most common issue people have with layout tends to be building columns, but working with obstructions is a close second. Let’s break down the common obstructions that can throw off your measurements.

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Pallet Rack Storage Ideas for Difficult Loads and Situations

August 30, 2018

reel storage in a warehouse

Pallet rack systems are more versatile than simply storing skids in high bays. Many of our clients need to store more specialized loads, such as rolls, dies, tubes, fragile items and more. With the right hardware and design, almost anything can be safely and efficiently stored.
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How to Set Overhead Conveyor Clearances

June 19, 2018

conveyor clearance in a distribution center

OSHA’s conveyor guidelines focus on guardrails and emergency stops, but when it comes to conveyor safety, the story hardly ends there. One neglected aspect is in areas where people may pass under suspended or overhead conveyors. Here are some best practices for those situations.

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