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Shine A Light – How LEDs Can Illuminate Your Operations

January 21, 2020

LED facility

Worker safety extends to all facets of a facility, from the forklift/pedestrian interactions to ergonomic that reduce fatigue and even the reporting software options needed to keep efficient track of incidents and near-misses. One area that sometimes is overlooked is actually that which you might want to look up and discover…..your lights. Traditional lighting generates a darkened environment that can reduce visibility, efficiency and morale.

In recent years, many smart companies turned to LED lighting to improve all of those factors and more.

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How to Calculate Automation ROI

October 10, 2019

robotic palletizer system in action
Return-on-investment is critical to automation projects, but justification isn’t straightforward. If you’re trying to convince management to make capital improvements to your operation, a smart, accurate and succinct ROI summary can work wonders. Let’s dive into some methods you can use to understand what to do — and what you can’t quantify.
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Storage Wars: Buying Pallet Rack In The Age Of Tariffs

September 26, 2019

Pallet Rack

The only constant is change in today’s global economy. Many companies and operations are waiting with bated breath to see which way the prevailing tariff winds will blow. Warehouses are especially on edge about all of this, considering how international supply chains and manufacturing has become. One area of concern coming up is that of pallet racks. In the past, a facility could take the chance on a lower-cost imported with the understanding that although the quality isn’t the same, costs may be lower. Now, with tariffs looming, what should you look for in thinking of replacing foreign rack?

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How to Increase Conveyor Longevity

September 3, 2019

Conveyor system in an assembly application
Conveyors–as we’ve discussed–have two major costs:

  1. The cost of conveyor hardware, which should include installation.
  2. The cost of operations, which should include maintenance, repair and energy consumption.

When you invest in capital equipment, you should be as focused on operational costs as purchase price. Part of that is extending the life of your conveyor system. How can you make sure you get the most out of your conveyors?

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So Last Year – Reasons for Replacing Old Conveyors

July 16, 2019


Conveyor systems are usually built for durability and an extended working life. With consideration for certain factors like the type of product and usage rates, conveyors can run for years and generate excellent return-on-investment. However, ROI diminishes and the conveyor starts costing more money than it’s worth if it’s extended too long.  Systems can be the lifeblood of warehouse operations, so relying on an old one can begin to cost more than replacing it.

There are signs to look for when you suspect your system is affecting your overall efficiency and bottom line.

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What to Do When You Can’t Air Condition Your Warehouse

May 14, 2019

hot warehouse with sunlight

If you run a warehouse, you’re keenly aware of how hot and uncomfortable it can get on a scorching July afternoon—and you also know how much that affects your workforce, their comfort, their error rates and their ability to get things done. Installing air conditioning may not be feasible for every industrial facility, but there are alternatives.

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How Heat Saps Warehouse Productivity, Causes Errors and Reduces Retention

April 2, 2019

shop floor in heat
Warehouses, shop floors, and manufacturing facilities can be difficult environments for workers, and heat makes it even harder. Hot days and hard work conspire to reduce productivity and increase errors. We’ve found some research that spells out exactly how much, and have some recommendations to reduce the issues.

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Moving, Reusing and Reconfiguring Conveyor Systems

December 11, 2018

Conveyor system merge area
Some conveyors are specifically modular. They’re meant to be moved around, plugged in and reconfigured. But most conveyors are semi-permanent, and occupy space for extended periods of time. When you want to re-use existing conveyors in new roles, move all or part of a system between facilities, or just reconfigure an area using the equipment you already have, you can save money, but there are some things to know to help ensure everything works smoothly.

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Dealing with Warehouse Labor Shortages

July 26, 2018

warehouse workers with cartons

If you run a distribution center, factory or warehouse, it’s not news to you that labor is in tight supply. Demands is up, and workers — particularly skilled, motivated, productive ones — have more options than ever. E-commerce has transformed the business, with constantly-escalating demand for pickers, packers, assembly workers, drivers and warehouse labor. With national unemployment rates below 4%, many other industries are competing with you for the same labor pool. What can you do to cope with these issues?

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Order Picking Velocity: Storage and Picking Method Comparisons

April 12, 2018

warehouse order picking
When you consider the various storage media and order picking methods, it’s critical to understand why some items are better picked in a variety of storage media, and accessed by the right type of picking authentication. The following table is a visual comparison of these alternatives.
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