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Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC's)

Vertical lifts to move loads safely between the floors of your facility

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Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Automated Versions Available

Vertical lifts can safely move loads up to 200,000 lbs between floors, into basements, and at mezzanines. They can be installed inside or outside of your building.

The lifts are designed for moving materials only, and are not rated for carrying people. Because they do not carry people, the lifts are not subject to elevator building codes. There are national codes for VRC's which they do meet as well as meeting or exceeding ANSI B20.1 and OSHA specifications.

Cisco-Eagle has experience integrating VRC's with conveyors and mezzanines. Contact us today with your requirement in the Dallas, North Texas area.

View more information on vertical lifts at the Cisco-Eagle website

        • Mechanical VRC's

          Mechanical VRC's can lift up to 30,000 lbs and make stops at multiple floor levels. It can accommodate larger carriage platforms than a hydraulic VRC.
        • Hydraulic VRC's

          Hydraulic VRC's can lift up to 6.000 lbs. They are limited to a maximum vertical lift of 22 feet and a maximum carriage size of 10' x10'. Hydraulic VRC's are less expensive than mechanical VRC's.
        • Automated VRC's

          Automated VRC's can be integrated into a conveyor system for lifting loads between levels. The VRC carriage can have powered or gravity conveyor with a locking system installed. Controls can be added to the lift for additional functionality.
        • Custom VRC's

          Cisco-Eagle has experience in solving unique lifting problems. We can handle oversize lift platforms, light to extra heavy loads, and unusual situations.
        • VRC Application Guide

          Describes when to use a VRC and how to select the best type for your application.
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