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Shift the burden of heavy and repetitive lifting from employees to ergonomic lifting and positioning equipment

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We offer a number of equipment solutions to lifting product, machinery or equipment off the floor. We specialize in dock lifts for loading and unloading trucks, work positioners that can reduce worker fatigue and injury, cranes and hoists that can effortlessly lift and move large heavy objects and much, much more.

Cisco-Eagle provides multiple lifting solutions:

  • Scissor Lifts and Industrial Lift Tables

    We offer a large variety of scissor lifts and lift tables from our manufacturing partners such as AutoQuip, Presto, Bishamon, Advance Lifts and more.
  • Vertical Lifts & Reciprocating Conveyors

    VRC's are ideal for lifting pallet loads of freight between mezzanine or floor levels. We are the premier Pflow dealer in Houston.
  • Work Positioners & Turntables

    Bring the work up to an ergonomic level to reduce worker fatigue in assembly, quality assurance and inspection areas.
  • Jib Cranes: Wall Mounted & Freestanding

    Jib cranes and end effectors let you lift and manipulate extremely heavy loads with ease. We work with Spanco, Zimmerman and more to bring you a large selection of mounting options.
  • Air Balancers & Rail Systems

    Air balancers, extendable arm systems, rail systems and end effectors. Our engineers specialize in custom solutions in conjunction with the standard sizes shown.
  • Gantry Crane Systems

    Aluminum, steel, mobile and portable styles available. No permanent installation is required and many models are easy to set up and take down when needed.
  • Bridge Cranes: Free-standing & Ceiling Mount

    Bridge cranes add tremendous efficiency and ergonomic advantage to your operations. Able to lift and manipulate up to 4,000 pounds, bridge cranes allow workers to easily move loads anywhere along the rails.
  • Hoists: Mechanical, Electrical & Pneumatic

    Use hoist and pulley systems in conjunction with crain and rail systems to reduce physical labor in lifting operations.
  • Loading Dock Lifts

    Electrical, mechanical and hydraulic dock lifts can be surface or pit mounted. Perfect for facilities that want to increase the number of loading docks available without having to expand construction.
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