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Houston Bridge Cranes

Ergonomically lift and traverse heavy, bulky loads long distances

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Our local Houston experts can help you select the right type of bridge crane for your job. Whether you need a ceiling mount or free-standing work station, we can help you decide which size crane you need, the type of end effector right for your product, and get everything installed, tested and running smoothly, all while allowing you to offer more ergonomic solutions to lifting, loading and manipulating goods in your facility.

Already have a bridge crane and need repairs? Our skilled service and maintenance group is specially trained to work on a variety of crane brands. We're available 24/7 for service emergencies.

Houston Bridge Cranes
        • Freestanding Bridge Crane Workstations

          Free-standing bridge cranes give you added flexibility in lifting and moving heavy loads. A great idea for rented or temporary facilities as well as ever-changing operations layouts.
        • Ceiling Mounted Bridge Cranes

          These cranes open up floor space by removing the need for support posts, allowing ease of motion anywhere along the rails.
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