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We Optimize Distribution, Manufacturing & Commercial Operations.

If you have physical facilities we can improve your operation and business results - new or existing

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Any operation that needs to move, store or handle materials in a physical facility can improve its bottom line through materials handling. Cisco-Eagle assists companies, government agencies, and others who manufacture, distribute or warehouse goods by creating more efficient, effective, and controllable operations.

  • Warehousing & Distribution

    Excellent distribution center operations hinge on physical layout & material flow, the right equipment, intelligent processes, safe & productive employees, and accurate information.
  • Manufacturing

    We optimize manufacturing operations by reducing the cost per unit produced, packaged and shipped. These approaches focus on the ways materials are handled throughout the process.
  • Aerospace

    Aerospace industries face unique material handling and storage challenges. Customers such as American Airlines, Boeing, Cessna, Bell Helicopter, Lockheed-Martin, Southwest Airlines, the United States Air Force have taken advantage of our capabilities.
  • Meat Processing

    We understand the Meat Processing industry's storage and handling requirements can differ dramatically from standard material handling applications and we know how to cope with those differences to optimize operations.
  • Government, Military & Agency

    Cisco-Eagle supports military & government operations throughout the world, with shipments to virtually every continent having a United States military presence and to defense logistics, forward operating bases, permanent bases, and more.
  • Automotive

    Cisco-Eagle provides material handling solutions for the automotive industry at every level of the supply chain - manufacturing, distribution, and dealerships. We have helped tier 1 manufacturers, dealers, & distributors with specialized handling systems.
  • Order Fulfillment

    Almost every operation fulfills orders, whether a manufacturing operation that sends finished materials to other plants (or parts of the same plant), or a small scale warehouse. We help clients of all sizes improve order picking, packing, and shipping.
  • Industrial Security

    Studies have proven that secure supply chain operations outperform their peers. They are less mistake prone, faster, and more organized. For industrial operations, the way inventory is stored, received and shipped is directly tied to physical security.
  • Paper/Pulp Converting

    Cisco-Eagle specializes in material handling solutions for the paper and pulp converting industry. We have executed projects at locations nationwide that created greater efficiency, slashed costs, reduced errors, and increased throughput.
  • Third Party Logistics

    3PL companies operate in a rapidly changing environment with shifting client demands, varying SKU's and challenging customer demands. Rely on Cisco-Eagle's longterm expertise helps improve 3PL operations of all types.
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Different industries face different challenges, even if they share similar goals. Boxes conveyed at a grocery distribution facility are not handled the same as boxes conveyed at an electronics order fulfillment operation. Unit load handling systems at a meat processing facility aren't handled the same as those at a dry goods operation. We've had the privilege of working in all of these circumstances and possess the ability to help you adapt your operation to modern technologies for rapid return on investment.

The understanding of this dynamic is key to executing projects correctly in distinct kinds of operations with differing goals.

With 40 years of material handling experience, we have serviced companies in every major SIC classification. Note that in some cases, these categories may overlap.