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Meat and poultry operations face unique product flow and storage challenges

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Meat processing facilities face unique material handling requirements due to operational challenges brought on by the processing environment and the nature of the products being handled.

Cisco-Eagle provides solutions with a partnership approach. We understand the Meat Processing industry's storage and handling requirements can differ dramatically from standard material handling applications and we know how to cope with those differences to optimize operations. We have extensive experience working in the demanding environments of these operations and applications.

The issues:

Production areas

By improving operational efficiency and ergonomic work conditions, we make certain equipment is protected from the rigors of daily wash downs. Special equipment finishes such as stainless steel or galvanized are often requested due to the heavy wash-down associated with production areas,

Box make-up areas

Cisco-Eagle provides specially designed empty case conveyor systems that properly present cases to pack station operators by using a variety of material handling equipment designs. Many of our systems use erectors and automatic transformers in conjunction with powered and gravity conveyors, chutes and overhead chain systems.

Full case systems

Full cases from production areas often require a wide array of activities to take place prior to being placed in storage or shipped to the end user. Cisco-Eagle provides many of the devices associated with these production requirements. This group of devices may include the following: Bar Code Scanning, Case Scaling, Bar Code Labeling, Case Sealing/Strapping, and a variety of other custom solutions.

Cargill System

Palletizing solutions

Palletizing requirements vary from customer to customer. We provide the right palletizing answers for our customers' facility and budget. Some solutions available are: Operator pick to pallet, manipulator-assisted, robotic palletizing, and fully automated palletizers. Often, the right result means using a variety of palletizing options that fit specific needs.

Storage and handling solutions

This is the heart of our business. Cisco-Eagle designs and implements solutions for all kinds of customers. We design our systems to meet our customer's current objectives and to anticipate future needs. Some solutions we provide are static pallet rack, pallet flow rack, push back pallet rack, captive pallet flow systems with infeed and outfeed conveyors, case flow systems, and other storage products.

meat processing machinery integration

Integrated systems

Cisco-Eagle is the meat industry's source for integrated material handling solutions. Cisco-Eagle provides innovative systems that increase your profitability by blending technologies and equipment to create a total material handling solution. We merge material handling technologies with production processes for effective solutions that flawlessly move products from the production floor, through your facility, and out the shipping dock.

Systems & design for food handling

Cisco-Eagle's Systems & Design specialists help customers meet their material handling objectives regardless of the level of systems complexity. View our Systems & Design area for more information on AS/RS, Carousels, Conveyor Systems, Software solutions and more.