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Automated Guided Vehicles

Flexible configurations for nearly any material handling function

Muratec AGV

Applications and functions

AGVs are automatically-programmed vehicles that drive to pre-planned points and perform pre-programmed functions. Basic AGV classifications include Tow Type (for pulling carts & trailers), Unit load, which are the type listed in our performance reports above, which carry pallet or other container loads on decks, fork type that utilize a fork or mast, commercial/office type, and heavy carrier type for huge, heavy loads.

Functions include navigation/guidance, routing, traffic management, load transfer, vehicle management, and system management.

Guidance system may consist of a wire embedded in the floor, special tape, laser and optical system. Most effective where highly repetitive tasks are performed over extended distances. The variety in configurations of AGVs is endless, virtually any type of material handling equipment can be converted to an AGV.

The Murata AGV Premex: reliable, durable, safer systems optimized for material transport

Muratec Premex AGV

These systems create the flow of goods and products free of the "human touch". This helps automate either all or part of any particular factory or distribution center. The Murata Premex is utilized for applications like clean rooms, where it's critical that the least possible contaminants are allowed. They are also utilized in product transfer, distribution centers and manufacturing buffer zones -- anywhere there is a need to reduce labor costs, increase safety, increase throughput, improve material handling processes and more. Cost reduction is the ultimate goal.