Mini-Load Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems for totes, containers, or cartons

Mini-Load ASRS System - Muratec

A mini-load automatic storage and retrieval system handles loads that are typically contained in small containers, cartons or totes. These systems are ideal in high volume order picking operations.

Why mini-load systems?

A mini-load system lets you store more material in less space - especially material in totes. It handles totes much faster than conventional static or manual methods. Despite that speed, Mini-load systems tend to run quieter than other options. Since these systems are specifically engineered for tote/carton storage and access, they are ideal for a broad variety of applications.

  • Smaller load units
  • Dynamic access
  • Short access times
  • Interlinking of systems

Mini-load AS/RS maximizes the cube, saving space while increasing throughput

Mini-load systems offer a narrow footprint to help save floor space and enhance storage density even more. They optimize highly dynamic logistics processes and warehouse or distribution center applications. We can help you reach your throughput and productivity goals in less space, in less time by integrating mini-load AS/RS with conveyors, software and other process machinery.

  • Compatible with dense case/carton storage - totes, boxes, and other smaller loads
  • Handles up to four units
  • Double deep storage capabilities give the FX-Quad mini-load system lightning fast throughput and excellent storage density
  • High-speed crane travels 300 meters per minute and hoists and 180 meters per minute
  • Combine the system with pallet based (unit load) ASRS for a very high density, residual case management system

Muratec FX-Quad fork types help you handle most any load

Rear hook is highly flexible for multiple load types

This system can handle 25KG (55 pounds) per carton, up to four.

rear hook miniload ASRS

Single fork for heavier, stacked loads and high-density needs

Rated for loads of 300KG (661 pounds). This is an ideal configuration for concentrated storage of cartons or totes.

single fork miniload ASRS

Twin fork with belt conveyor: ideal for high-density products and high-volume shipments

These systems are good for stackable loads and are load rated for dual loads up to 100KG (221 pounds) per item.

Twin fork miniload ASRS

Twin fork with belt conveyor (double deep) for efficient case handling applications

This fork type can handle four loads up to 50KG (110 pounds). Its heavier load ratings and storage density are achieved through load stacking.

Twin fork with belt conveyor miniload ASRS