Carousel Controls and Software

Intelligent control and software solutions from Hänel drive flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness for maximum return-on-investment 

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carousel systems being computer controlled

Hänel storage systems create additional space and time savings - with the right software systems

Control solutions such as the Optimization Run, which automatically eliminates unused space, or the Access Priority Factor which stores frequently requested containers closer to the access point than those needed less often, are examples of the ways an advanced control system may enhance your carousel investment.

These systems also drive efficiency. Integrations between a lean lift or vertical carousel and the Hänel high-speed drive and microprocessor control unit allow ultra-fast travel speeds of up to 2.3 meters per second.

Add-on modules

The system is primed for integration into your existing IT systems, merges with WCS, and other options that allow you to maximize storage management and reduce costs. We can help you develop precisely the right controls and programming package for your application.

Powerful, flexible software systems tailored to your needs

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Hänel storage systems inventory management programs drive warehouse processes and computerized efficiency. These systems manage storage locations, tools, inventory, pick & put applications and order management.


This powerful software package is ideal for a wide variety of warehousing applications. It can be fine tuned for each customer's needs and applications due to its integrated configuration options and highly effective standard modules.

Hänel TDM  tool management system

The ideal solution for your tool management. Warehouse Management System WMS Complete warehouse management solutions including receiving, high-speed order fulfillment and shipping are possible with fully-integrated storage systems from Hänel. In collaboration with our partner viastore systems, we offer powerful software solutions in the form of viad@t, that meets the most stringent warehouse requirements.

What do Hänel software systems bring to the table?

  • Lightning fast pick/put operations - users work directly at the carousels and can easily understand what to do, and when to do it
  • Quick adaptation to your requirements - today's and tomorrow's - due to modular functionality
  • Standardized interfaces and simple data exchanges with ERP, WCS, WMS, and other software systems
  • Interface to the HŠänel lift controllers for pick and put operations directly at the storage units
  • Optimized order picking operations through interconnected storage carousels
  • You can manage many of your other storage systems (racks, pallet stacks, containers, etc) in addition to Hänel carousels

Hänel microprocessor control systems

carousel microprocessor controls

MP0N Single lift controller for the Hänel Rotomat®

The MP0N is a single-lift controller for the Hänel Rotomat® with a single access point. It offers three different operating modes:

  • MP0N-StandAlone

MP12N One control system – four operating modes, for Rotomat®, Lockomat®, Lean-Lift® and Multi-Space®

There are four different operating modes available, so you can choose the right one for your storage management.

  • MP12N-StandAlone
  • MP12N-HostWeb
  • MP12N-HostData
  • MP12N-HostCom

MP100D The central controller: high-performance system for up to 99 storage units

The client control system MP12N can be used as the control panel for each lift – this means each lift is operated independently of the others.