Horizontal Carousels

Increase order picking throughput, enhanced security, and error reduction

horizontal carousels

Horizontal Carousels are a system of horizontally rotating shelves that move at your command, delivering items to you and increasing order picking throughput significantly over traditional methods. They save space and speed operations. These systems are particularly popular in distribution applications. Low-maintenance, and durable, Horizontal Carousels can provide years of worry-free inventory management, security, space savings, and faster, more accurate order picking.

Performance Reports: Horizontal Carousels

Rugged Construction and Durability

Carousels are constructed with the same high capacity track and frame size, ensuring fast delivery. Due to heavy-gauge construction, these carousels have a long service time and high strength. Stainless track is welded to 4" x 3" x 1/4" thick structural steel angle, with 4" x 2" x 1/4" thick steel tubing cross members.

No frame modifications necessary for double or triple stacking. Structural mezzanines and multiple conveyor lines are easily supported on top of carousel frames. Bottom track is adjustable, allowing bins to be raised to any required level.

Low Maintenance

All components are accessible from outside the carousel, speeding maintenance and driving down costs. Drive units need no periodic adjustments. Direct drives allow easy and inexpensive replacements. Optional automatic lubricators are available to further drive down the need for maintenance. Commercially available AC drive motors, reducers, controls and all electrical components throughout the carousel simplify repairs and minimize downtime.

Installation costs are also minimized. All bins are factory pre-assembled with sides and backs connected for easy fold-out installation. Factory match-marked frames are shipped with all chains, yokes and drive units in place for accurate, simple, rapid installation.

Versatile Controls

CCS keypad controller offers multi-level manual and electronic control; functions as the network interface for software-driven systems. CCS controllers display clear readable messages for mechanical, communication and diagnostic functions. Footswitch provided for manual or back-up control. Control panels are mountable in any location. Standard control panels meet NEC and NEMA I standards; optional NEMA 12 and CE panels available.

Safety is Paramount

Emergency stop controls can be located anywhere on the system including panels, workstations and light trees. Vertical and horizontal photo-electric eyes available for added safety. Optional safety floor mats. CE configuration available.

Bins & Shelves

  • Custom sizes and configurations.
  • Optional bins up to 15 feet tall.
  • Shelves adjust down to 2-inch centers with no tools required.
  • Eight 1.5" diameter x .5" precision ground, lifetime lubricated bearings with hardened races distribute and carry the load for each bin.
  • Powder coated bins and shelves are standard.
  • Solid, wire, and pass-through bin back available.


  • Single frame size allowing multiple bin sizes and faster deliveries
  • "Uniframe" carousels can be double tiered with no additional modification or cost
  • Commercially available AC controllers that are highly reliable, full-featured, and highly efficient
  • State-of-the-art bin design - heavy gauge safety loops at bin front, efficient "fold out" installation
  • The highest capacity standard shelves in the industry; 150# standard, with optional capacities available

Carousel Benefits

  • Increases productivity up to 600%
  • Reduces cubic storage space up to 40-60%

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