Pick to Light for Manufacturing

Ideal for dedicated parts storage areas where operators are kitting, sequencing or picking parts for the production line

Manufacturing pick to light system

Light-directed picking isn't only for distribution environments. It's an ideal system for manufacturing and assembly operations where the production process can be enhanced by parts and components. It's frequently deployed by manufacturers who want to continuously improve their operation. Because it directs operators precisely and quickly to the right parts and quantities, light-directed picking is an effective error-proofing system that can significantly reduce assembly error rates. The entire Bill of Materials for an active order or assembly task is easily, quickly presented to operators.

This methodology also supports kaizen events by eliminating wasted touches common to paper-based material handling approaches.

Lightning Pick is often used in kitting, sequencing or picking parts for the production line. It optimizes Just in Time and pull production processes so the right parts are delivered at the right time, build after build. As a result our manufacturing customers have reduced downtime costs associated with defects, stoppage and re-work to improve overall process efficiency.

Options for manufacturing

Pick to Light

Lightning Pick's PTL system offers the most advanced system management software tools available in the market. Software is fully integrated with MRP, ERP, WMS, MES or other host system for seamless order/build/recipe file transfer. The full LP Pick product is typically the option for manufacturing groups seeking a large initial deployment of pick face locations, and wish to take advantage of robust system management tools like event notification, productivity statistics and automated support.


Built to Light System

This product gives manufacturers Best-in-Class hardware and enabling software in a more user independent package. Build2Light offers straightforward software tools without integration to host systems. Customers easily configure their own part specific builds and best practice light-directed procedures to execute them. With low cost of entry pricing, Build2Light is an ideal Proof of Concept pilot system providing rapid ROI justification. Thereby some users have used Build to Light as the foundation from which they inevitably jump towards a full LP Pick system implementation. Other customers expand upon their Build2 Light system with additional hardware. This is a logical method for "Do It Yourself" organizations looking to enhance quality through using smaller numbers of light locations and simple management tools.