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VWare™ Cycle Counting Systems

When it comes to cycle counting, the more automation, the better the accuracy

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In order to maintain confidence in the accuracy of your inventory, you must place absolute trust in your cycle counting program. The more automated it becomes, the closer you will come to reaching your goal of 100% accuracy.

For all inventory control configurations, the Versatile Warehouse™ provides a full featured cycle count facility that allows you to perform item, quantity and UOM verification across all related zones at your convenience. For mechanized storage zones, you can enjoy the benefit of automated adjustments while you pick and store through active cycle counts operations.

Let these cycle count features assist in building your confidence in your inventory accuracy:

  • Automated report generation upon count completion
  • Report counts to Host per location, or per item
  • User configurable ABC cycle count scheduling
  • Download cycle count requests or manually generate
  • Request counts by item, item category, or zone
  • Count by light direction, ticket or work list
  • Process batches of counts across storage areas
  • Maintain cycle count statistics by user and/or zone