+Base Conveyor HMI Control Package

+Plus WCS provides more efficient operations, maintenance, control and data through simple, graphical displays

Plus WCS Logo WCS Base Module

Exactly as much, or as little automation as needed

The +Plus Base module is an HMI (human-machine) interface with a graphical display of conveyor lines for statuses, events and alarms. Other +Plus modules may be added for expanded functionality. This software control system allows you to specify exactly the right amount of automation for your operational needs.

How it works

  • The PLC (programmable logic controller) provides information to +Base application
  • The PC displays events and alarms based on that information
  • These events may include emergency stops, full conveyor lines, motor overloads, jams and more
conveyor system


  • 95% of all calls to engineering support are caused by tripped emergency stops and sensors out of alignment
  • Because the +Plus system shows you which emergency stop has been tripped, the location is easy to locate and the issue faster to correct
  • If a line shows as full, but isn't, the sensor is likely out of alignment. The Plus system allows you t quickly identify and realign the sensor so you can return to normal operations
  • During normal operations, additional personnel may be needed to work a specific location. The +Base system identifies these locations quickly and effortlessly
  • A quick look by supervisors or maintenance personnel at the +Base screen lets them know if there are any issues to be addressed at the moment