VWare™ Order Selection

Enjoy the flexibility of manual or fully automated order selection

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Robotic palletizer system

One of the more challenging goals for a flexible warehouse control system is providing a wide array of methods for selecting and processing orders. The Versatile Warehouse™ aims to please the most diverse environments and demanding conditions.

Orders may be released automatically at the time of creation (download), or manually selected by wave, batch, pallet, truck code or order number. All active orders may be processed by FIFO order, priority code, or date-stamp.

In summary, you can take advantage of several order selection methods:

  • Automatic or Manual order release
  • Automated selection based on dynamic conditions
  • Use Pre-Allocation Analysis to select Orders
  • Pick by FIFO, Priority Rank, or Due Date
  • Specify Single Line Order combining rules
  • Place orders or order subsets on Hold
  • Hot pick or putaway direct from inventory location