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Oklahoma City Safety Sensors

Motion detection systems to warn of oncoming traffic before a serious injury can occur

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Dock Door Sensor System

Safety sensors help reduce the number of traffic collisions occurring in your facility by warning those is traffic lanes of oncoming traffic before a collision can occur. From ceiling mounted motion detection systems to infrared frame mounted systems, Cisco-Eagle has a solution for you.

Let Cisco-Eagle aid you in selecting a sensor system for your facility

We work with several motion sensing and infrared detection systems suppliers to offer you choices in how to improve traffic safety in your facility. For example, the Collision Awareness product line brings you motion detection systems with bright flashing LED lights and optional siren.

Eric Industries helps you detect activity in the exterior dock area while Column Sentry offers infrared detection at aisle corners with a rack mounted system. Alert Safety Products brings you safety mirrors that detect motion and flash traffic information in the mirror surface, and Alvarado has a safety clearance bar that alerts to forks being raised when approaching doorways.

There's an option for the traffic problems you face

No matter the traffic issues in your facility, Cisco-Eagle finds a solution that helps remove the danger and provides greater awareness of activity so that workers are safe and operations can go on without interruptions from collisions.

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