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Moving & Reconfiguring Your Warehouse Operation

Effectively move and re-integrate racks, conveyors, or other hardware into distribution or manufacturing operations

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Are you moving? Reconfiguring? Can you take the conveyor with you? Can you re-task existing equipment?

Getting your conveyors and other material handling systems moved and installed is both a science and an art. Cisco-Eagle can assist you in making the smoothest transition possible when you must move or reconfigure an existing operation.

Many times, you can preserve existing equipment and integrate it with newer machinery, processes, or facilities. If you've ever had to tear down a line and re-integrate it with existing operations, you know how difficult that can be. We specialize in making this difficult transition easier.

We've helped companies remove equipment from old facilities and place it seamlessly into new ones. We help companies upscale their operations and enable them to merge new equipment with the old. Our ability to install and design is often called into duty for clients who move and need to transfer existing material handling equipment and systems, or use existing components in conjunction with a new layout or machine.

Reasons a company might consolidate distribution operations include:

  • Duplicate or excessive inventories across network

  • Changing market conditions

  • High costs to operate multiple facilities

  • Redundancies in network due to acquisition

  • Ability to leverage automation technology with higher consolidated volumes

While consolidation may reduce distribution costs in some areas, it is important to understand the potential downside as well:

  • Customer service may degrade due to increased distances from customer facilities

  • Existing facilities may not have the capacity to support consolidation necessitating an investment in new technology, facility expansion or a new larger building.

  •  Increased freight costs

Key questions to ask regarding the consolidated facility include:

  • Can the consolidated DC support peak activity? (# dock doors, storage capacity, throughput capacity…)

  • Can on hand inventory be reduced? What is the appropriate inventory level for each sku?

  •  Do the consolidated volumes justify automation?

  • Will the existing warehouse management system support the peak transaction volumes?