Scheduled Maintenance for Conveyors, Packaging, Docks and Material Handling Equipment

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Cisco-Eagle offers a comprehensive suite of maintenance options for companies who want to ensure optimum material handling equipment performance. Some companies often have a maintenance group, but find it difficult to adequately maintain their equipment without the kind of certifications and technical training our technicians possess. It's more efficient to have specialists maintain your conveyors, lifts, dock levelers, packaging machinery, robotics and other equipment


Typical Equipment Maintained

Our major focus and expertise is on conveyors, dock lifts, scissor lifts, AS/RS hardware, industrial carousels, and other material handling equipment that either moves or flexes. This can include non-handling equipment of certain types as well. Static storage equipment that does not typically require regular maintenance (such as racks or shelving) can also be included in maintenance services under circumstances where it is needed. We can also assist in maintaining wheeled products such as carts as needed.

In some cases, we also maintain non-handling equipment in conjunction with our area of focus.

Our offering is restricted by geography, although coverage areas are constantly expanding. Contact us for help with your service and maintenance projects.