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Dock Levelers & Locks Maintenance

Maintenance programs for optimum dock operations

dock leveler drawing image

A well-executed scheduled maintenance plan can extend the life of your dock equipment, making it more reliable.

Work items for dock levelers and locks (typical):

  • Check all safety devices on the unit
  • Clean the upper portion of the plate, lower rollers and between the sides and curb angles
  • Clean all debris from the pit or from the vicinity of floor mounted units in order to avoid interference with the rolling mechanism
  • Inspect the push-in bar and push-out plate assemblies for damage
  • Inspect the safety leg system and return spring operation
  • Check for presence and proper setting of all snap rings and clips on axles and rollers
  • Check rollers, pins and bushings for any signs of wear such as flat spots, missing fasteners or dislodged bearing material
  • Check the springs for elongation
  • Inspect all welds under the leveler for fatigue or failure, particularly the top plate understructure
  • Check general condition of the dock leveler
  • Operate dock leveler after service, check for any abnormal noise or vibrations
  • List any items requiring replacement or repair