Superior Maintenance Prevents Downtime

Maintenance programs can extend equipment life, save money for conveyors and other equipment

planning for conveyor maintenance

We all know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That's doubly true in the world of warehouse, manufacturing or commercial operations where downtime is so expensive and uptime so very critical.

It only makes sense that you already have maintenance people working on your conveyors, lifts, dock equipment, and other material handling equipment. Obviously, all mechanical equipment needs to be maintained.

Cisco-Eagle can take it to the next level by providing a level of maintenance expertise that helps you:

  • Ensure a longer life for your equipment
  • Prevent downtime due to equipment failure
  • service technicianMake your operations more reliable
  • Get better information on the status of your equipment
  • Utilize people on other tasks while getting more specialized, upgraded maintenance on your material handling equipment
  • Prevent service calls by heading off problems before they can occur
  • Benchmark the improvements in your operations
  • Simplify your operations by putting the burden of this specialized maintenance on Cisco-Eagle technicians
  • Obtain the complete Cisco-Eagle Maintenance Approach,which includes the Cisco-Eagle maintenance audit. The audit is an assessment of all your maintenance needs and what it takes to meet them. We help you document everything necessary including equipment lists, quantity of equipment, equipment locations (floor, ceilings mounts, etc)., operating time of your equipment, manufacturers documentation, maintenance history, and time slots for maintenance
  • After the audit, we offer these deliverables:
    • On-site log, including equipment layout & maintenance history
    • Spare parts lists
    • Immediate repair needs assessment
    • Schedule of maintenance activities
Now is the time to act so that your company gains the best possible return on its equipment investments.

Material handling systems are generally rugged and durable, but the stress of everyday operations can wear down a conveyor, a dock leveler, a lift. Even static products like rack and shelving are not immune.

A short-term maintenance program is not the answer. A long-term, systematic, standardized maintenance process such as the Cisco-Eagle approach yields results for companies seeking to improve performance and reliability.

Define goals for your operation

How much downtime is too much? How many service calls are too many? How many hours of downtime are acceptable? Are there areas or equipment that always need attention? We can help you understand and deal with these issues.

For more assistance, contact Cisco-Eagle today.