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Pallet Mule pallet jacks from Wesley International offer excellent performance

Wesley International pallet trucks are Made in America from heavy gauge steel for dependable performance that stands up to the demands of daily use. The rugged design and extensive use of ductile cast iron parts make this pallet jack the right choice for industrial use, manufacturing plants, and traveling down the road in semi-trailers.

Built to last with solid steel push rods for added strength, cast steel fork ends to prevent wear-through, ergonomic handles that return to vertical automatically, and polyurethane wheels for easy steering, these pallet trucks are known for their durability, performance, and low long term cost of ownership.

Wesley International Brochures & Product Sheets

icon Standard Pallet Mule Brochure 2.9_StandardPalletMule.pdf 3298 KB
icon Freezer Truck Pallet Mule Brochure FreezerTruckPalletMule.pdf 3900 KB
icon High Capacity Pallet Mule Brochure HighCapacityPalletMule.pdf 1521 KB
icon Standard Pallet Mule Owner's Manual Standard_Mule_Manual.pdf 743 KB
icon Low Profile 4-Way Pallet Truck 4_wayPalletMule.pdf 1928 KB
icon Burden Carrier 600 Series Sell Sheet BC_600_Series_Sell_Sheet.pdf 1410 KB
icon Burden Carrier & Tow 6000 Series Sell Sheet BCT_6000_Series_Sell_Sheet.pdf 1394 KB
icon Personnel Carrier 300 & 325 Series Sell Sheet PC-300_&_PC325-personnel-carrier.pdf 1080 KB
icon Personnel Carrier & Tow 3500 Series Sell Sheet PCT_3500_Series_Sell_Sheet.pdf 946 KB
icon Personnel & Tow 4500 Series Sell Sheet PMT_4500_Series_Sell_Sheet.pdf 1708 KB
icon Personnel & Tow 5000 Series Sell Sheet PMT_5000_Series_Sell_Sheet.pdf 1379 KB
icon Stock Chaser 700 Series Sell Sheet SC_700_Series_Sell_Sheet.pdf 827 KB
icon Maintenance Vehicle 500 Series Sell Sheet mv-500-maintenance-vehicle.pdf 1277 KB
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