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Put your pallet flow on the horizontal to save space, increase safety, and remove the need for drive-in pallet rack

ExGlobe Flow Rail removes the need for drive-in and pallet flow configurations by putting the flow on a horizontal plane and using a chain drive to move the entire lane forward and back as pallets are added or removed.

icon Flow Rail Overview CiscoEagle-Flow-RailSystem.pdf 1606 KB
icon Flow Rail Assembly & Installation - Fully Assembled Delivery FAFlow-RailAssembly&Installation.pdf 1147 KB
icon Retro-fitting Drive-in Rack to Flow Rail Flow-Rail-Drive-in-Retrofit.pdf 878 KB
icon Flow Rail Project Guide Flow-RailProjectGuide.pdf 182 KB
icon Flow Rail Customer Testimonial Flow-RailTestimonial.pdf 42 KB
icon Flow Rail Assemby & Installation - Partially Assembled Delivery PAFlow-RailAssembly&Installation.pdf 1668 KB
icon Flow Rail High Density Racking System 2015FlowRailMktDoc_.pdf 1212 KB
icon Flow Rail Pallet Storage System Flow-Rail_-_ContinuousVsNon-CUST.pdf 328 KB
icon File Scanned at 04/09/16 00:28:37 Spring-Rail_pallet_storage_system.pdf 2578 KB
icon File Scanned at 08/05/16 07:43:40 Flow-Rail-ContinuousVsNon-CUST.pdf 328 KB
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