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From palletizing to arc welding, Fanuc robots make processes more efficient, less manpower intensive and more reproducible. Adding robotics to your operations allows you to use human workers in more value added activities while the robots handle repetitive functions in dangerous or uncomfortable conditions.

icon Food Grade Robots Food-Grade-Robots.pdf 290 KB
icon M-10iA Picking and Packing Robot M-10iA-Series.pdf 751 KB
icon M-20iA Picking and Packing Robot M-20iA-Series.pdf 1215 KB
icon M-410iB Palletizing/Depalletizing Robot M-410iB-Series.pdf 1800 KB
icon M-710iC Packing & Palletizing Robot M-710iC-Series.pdf 1507 KB
icon M-710iC20L Arc Welding Robot M-710iC20L-Arc-Applics.pdf 569 KB
icon M-710iC20L Materials Handling Robot M-710iC20L-MH-Applics.pdf 506 KB
icon M-710iCT Materials Handling Robot M-710iCT-Series.pdf 2361 KB
icon R-2000iB-100H Compact Palletizing Robot R-2000iB-100H-Compact-Palletizer.pdf 482 KB
icon R-2000iB-200T Materials Handling Robot R-2000iB-200T.pdf 659 KB
icon R-2000iB Materials Handling Robot R-2000iB-Series.pdf 3374 KB
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