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Keeping an accurate inventory count and reducing losses due to theft requires having the right kind of security

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Industrial Security

Cisco-Eagle knows where the greatest losses due to theft can occur. We help you plug the security holes and lock up valuable goods to better manage materials from receiving all the way to shipping.

Find more industrial security product information from Cisco-Eagle:

  • Wire Parititions

    Allow automated vehicles to do the duties of forklifts, pallet trucks and conveyor while putting people onto tasks that require higher level decision making processes.
  • Chrome Wire & Mobile Security Cages

    Smaller than wire partitions, these security cages come in stationary and mobile versions. Chrome plating helps repel dust and moisture while wire construction allows visual verification of contents.
  • Folding Gates

    Secure facility openings with steel collapsible gates that lock out thieves. Sturdy accordion diamond pattern smoothly expands and collapses, yet durable steel repels cutters, and wiggling under to gain access.
  • Mesh Security Trucks

    Expanded metal mesh encloses solid steel shelves to keep valuable goods secure. Hinged doors have lock hasps.Sturdy wheels and casters allow trucks to be used in restocking goods as needed
  • Visibility Cabinets

    With clear polycarbonate windows and diamond mesh side panels, it is easy to see the contents of each cabinet while protecting valuable goods from theft.
  • Aluminum Security Cages

    Lighter in weight and less expensive, aluminum security cages protect valuables from theft. Welded aluminum and expanded aluminum mesh panels offer reliable security.
  • Rack Security Cages

    Made of bolt-on wire mesh panels, rack enclosures protect valuable inventory on pallet rack. It also helps prevent inventory from falling off rack, protecting both workers and inventory.
  • Wire Mesh Bulk Lockers

    Useful for gear and tenant lockers, these wire mesh lockers handle bulky goods well. Sturdy welded steel framing carry welded wire mesh, with a full-height hinged lockable door and anti-pry bar.
  • Wire Mesh Security Cabinets

    Securely store goods in a small space with high-visibility wire mesh that allows easy assessment of cabinet contents.
  • Wire Employee Dispatch Lockers

    Multiple lockers per frame provide secure space for employee possessions in a variety of applications. Great for picking up work orders, equipment and such from a central dispatch.
  • Security Window Panels

    Secure small windows from unauthorized entry with steel mesh window guards that bolt flush to the window frame. Securely deters theft and vandalism.
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