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Forklift traffic, hazardous materials, slippery surfaces and many more issues can be the cause of serious injury or loss of life. Cisco-Eagle knows how to help prevent such injuries through judicious application of safety measures from pedestrian access gates, to safety signage and motion detection.

Learn more about safety and ergonomic solutions at Cisco-Eagle:

  • AisleCop Forklift Safety Gates

    Automated warehouse safety gates help protect pedestrians by managing traffic flow using motion detection and barrier gates.
  • Forklift Warning Light

    A simple blue LED light helps warn workers of the approach of a forklift when the light is properly mounted to the forklift frame. The light shines on the floor approximately 15 ahead of the forklift, allowing workers to avoid collision.
  • Safety Sensors

    Motion detection safety sensors signal forklift drivers of motion in intersecting traffic lanes. Also lets workers know a forklift is around by triggering flashing lights.
  • Safety Training

    Through DVD's and CD-ROM's, workers become more aware of safety hazards and how to handle them on the job site. From New Employee Orientation to HAZMAT training, help protect workers through knowledge.
  • Safety Cabinets

    Properly handle hazardous materials by providing the appropriate containers and storage to reduce fire risk, hazmat spills, and personal contamination.
  • Safety Netting

    Protect goods from falling off pallet rack and keep workers safe from falling goods with strong safety netting attached to pallet rack backs and sides.
  • Safety Lights & Signs

    Use safety signage and lights to manage facility traffic and warn of hazardous situations. Help prevent devastating injury with clear messaging and bright lights.
  • Loading Dock Traffic Lights

    Clearly communicate between dock workers and truck drivers with traffic lights that indicate the truck's readiness for departure.
  • Dock Gates

    Dock gates lift easily, yet help prevent one of the most prevalent forklift accidents known - driving off the dock edge. Sturdy steel construction and sure anchoring help you make your dock operations much safer.
  • Floor Marking Tape

    Make all your safety measures clearer and better understood through color coded floor tape that indicates traffic lanes, work areas, safety zones and more.
  • Visibility Safety Mirrors

    Improve visibility around corners in warehouse, dock, office and aisles with full, half and quarter dome safety mirrors and convex wall mount mirrors.
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