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Vinyl's special properties allow it to solve many facility problems through its flexibility, durability and strength

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Vinyl curtains help you solve a wide variety of problems you may face in your warehouse or manufacturing space. From vinyl curtains that separate work zones to acoustic curtains that dampen loud noise, vinyl curtains offer flexible, mobile remedies when you need portable solutions that bend to your specific needs.

Separate work areas, create new zones, or contain fine particulates from spray and misting operations using vinyl curtain walls. These curtains glide on overhead rail suspended from the ceiling. Heavy duty grommets provide holes to hang the curtain on the rail hardware. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and vinyl types to create the kind of curtain/wall you desire. Even add clear vinyl to create windows.

Strip Door

When moving pallet loads from production to cold storage, it's hard to keep the temperature zones of each area separated. Each time a vehicle or worker goes from one zone to another cold air leaks into the warmer zone and warm air floats into the cold. The only way to keep the air masses from mixing is to create an air block - which is exactly what strip doors do. They keep air from infiltrating by keeping the passageway as small as possible as the vehicle or worker goes through. Each vinyl strip clings to the ones next to it until forced apart by the entering object. As soon as the object has cleared the strip's coverage area, it quickly drops back into place to close off any opening between the air zones.

Welding curtains and screens provide safety from sparks igniting materials around the welding station and help protect onlookers' eyes from the bright glare of the welding torch. These screens are fire and spark resistant and will not melt when welding sparks and slag hit the vinyl. Choose from many colors in translucent screens with UV protection.

Acoustic curtains and screens help protect against hearing loss in the workplace. When noisy equipment is surrounded by these curtains or screens, the noise level is significantly reduced, helping to make the work area more tolerable.

High-speed doors that are light-weight offer another solution to separating temperature zones or process areas. Opening at a rate of up to 36" per second, these doors are fast enough to allow traveling forklifts and pedestrians to quickly pass through.

Find more product information at these Cisco-Eagle web pages:

  • Curtain Walls

    Create new work zones, separate work areas, contain particulates with floor to ceiling curtain walls in your facility.
  • Vinyl Strip Doors

    Help separate different temperature zones and keep air from mixing. Save on energy costs with vinyl strip doors that allow vehicles and pedestrians through while keeping air exchange to a minimum.
  • Welding Screens

    Protect workers and adjoining work areas from hot sparks and metal slag by using these durable welding screens with also protect against dangerous UV light from the welding torch.
  • Welding Curtains

    Keep hot sparks and metal slag from entering adjoining areas. Protect workers with these durable welding curtains which also protect against dangerous UV light from the welding torch.
  • Privacy Screens

    Create new work zones for temporary use with privacy screens that set up and take down quickly. These screens are on sturdy stands that interlock to make an unbroken wall.
  • Tulsa Acoustic Screens

    Help dampen loud equipment and machinery with acoustic screens. These screens help protect hearing and make the work place more tolerable.
  • Acoustic Curtains

    Help protect hearing and dampen loud noise from equipment. These acoustic curtains run on overhead rail suspended from the ceiling and glide easily back and forth.
  • High Speed Doors

    These high speed doors are light-weight and durable. Opening at speeds up to 36" per second, forklifts and pedestrians will only have to slow down instead of stop before going through the open door.
  • Vinyl & Roll-Up Doors

    Vinyl and roll-up doors are a light weight solution for dock openings, building entries and pass throughs where access is limited because of dust, debris and contaminants.
  • Insect & Debris Mesh Doors

    Help keep insects, dust and debris at bay with these vinyl mesh doors. Choose from hanging screens or roll-up styles.
  • Oklahoma Impact Doors

    Impact doors take the abuse of carts, forklifts, industrial vehicles and more. Built with special hinges and construction, they are durable and strong.
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