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Tulsa Metal Roll-out Rack

Safely store and handle bulk bar stock with sturdy roll-out storage drawers

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Metal Roll-out Rack
Metal Roll-out Rack

Metal roll-out rack comes in handy when you're storing bulk loads of bar stock, pipe, metal tubing, square tube stock and other difficult to handle metal goods. This roll-out rack has multiple levels of cantilevered arms with heavy duty capacities for handling stock that tends to roll, spill, or not stack easily. The cantilevers control the stock from spilling over and falling off, while the sturdy geared drawers easily crank in and out for storing and retrieving goods.

An excellent choice if you use hoists, lifting devices or forklifts to stack and store your metal stock. The open shelving makes accessing with lift equipment much easier.

You decide the capacities you need, number of levels, length, and depth, and Cisco-Eagle's suppliers create the rack you need to solve the storage problems you face.

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