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Plasma cutting and machining operations are safer and more organized with raw materials stored in sheet metal racks

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Sheet Metal Rack
Sheet Metal Rack

Sheet metal rack stores metal goods in a safer, more organized manner that aids workers in accessing the materials they need. Whether using a forklift, hoist, or other lift equipment, sheet metal stored in rack makes the work place safer while also saving space.

You have many choices in the types of sheet metal rack to use. There's vertical storage, horizontal storage, pull-out drawers, roll-out drawers and sheet metal shelves. Each has a specific use and benefit

Vertical and static horizontal sheet metal storage is for lighter weight sheet metal that is easily handled manually. This type rack is easy to position near machining and cutting equipment, and is easily moved to another location when empty.

Sheet metal shelving is suitable for smaller sized sheet stock, machine tools, and die. Lightweight shelving is made for thinner stock, smaller machining tools and die. Capacities are limited with lightweight sheet metal shelving. For heavier stock, there is heavy duty sheet metal shelving which has sturdy roll-out shelves for massive machine tools and die, as well as heavier, thicker plate steel. These units, when placed near machining equipment help make changing out tools and die quicker and more efficient.

Sheet metal rack with pull-out drawers handles medium weight stock. The structural frame of the rack is sturdy and heavy. You will generally not want to move it around once you have it in place. The drawers use bearings to make it possible to pull out the extremely heavy loads, and are sturdy enough to use lifting equipment or forklifts for loading and unloading materials.

Some roll-out drawers and sheet metal rack is much heavier duty. Ready to handle thick plate steel, machine tools and die storage, these racks use geared crank systems to move the drawers in and out for retrieving goods. Capacities in these racks are such that the materials you store here will need lifting equipment to store and retrieve them.

From lightweight sheet stock to heavy-duty geared roll-out drawers, Cisco-Eagle offers you the most durable and effective sheet metal storage on the market.

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