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We offer workers a place to do their job more efficiently by putting the tools and materials they need within arm's reach

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Cisco-Eagle knows ergonomics and knows how to help prevent those repetitive motion and lifting injuries that put a crimp in your productivity and increase worker-comp claims. We know that having the right work bench or work station can make work flow more smoothly, alleviate worker aches and pains, and increase assembly accuracy. By offering sturdy work benches and workstations that fill the ergonomic needs of workers, we help workers do their jobs more effectively while providing a place for tools, supplies and parts to be right at hand when needed.

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  • Workbenches

    Provide workers with a better way to do their job. Put tools, parts, supplies and materials within easy reach by adding an ergonomic work bench.
  • Shop Desks

    Functional shop desks offer lockable drawers, storage shelves and sturdy work surfaces for supervisors, managers and administrative workers.
  • Mobile Workbench Cabinets

    Make your workbench mobile and take the tools to the job. These mobile cabinets provide tool storage and a strong work surface to aid in fixing problems, completing shop maintenance and getting close to your work.
  • Portable Shop Desks

    Roll these desks where you need them to complete paperwork, check documents, tally counts and more. Mobility lets you have a desk anywhere you need it to be.
  • Heavy Duty Work Tables

    Heavy duty work tables provide durable, high-capacity work surfaces for engine breakdowns, build-ups and machine assembly.
  • Folding Leg Workbenches

    With business needs ever changing, these folding leg workbenches allow to you set up temporary work stations, then take them down and store them away until the next rush or seasonal peak hits.
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