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Aislecop Safety System

Offering Arizona and the southwest real solutions for facility traffic safety

Part of our job as a material handling equipment company is to provide you with resources to help prevent worker injury, reduce forklift collisions and damage, and help you stay under OSHA's penalty radar. Cisco-Eagle does that by searching out the best safety products on the market and making them available to you. From sensor systems to traffic management, mirrors to guard rail, we are your first place to look for safety equipment.

Our specialized Safety Team can do an on-site safety audit and then recommend wise solutions from signage to automated traffic gates. They often improve your operations as well as your safety record. Call us today for assistance.

Cisco-Eagle safety equipment resources for Arizona:

  • AisleCop® Forklift Safety Systems

    AisleCop® patrols pedestrian crossings and busy intersections to help warn workers of oncoming traffic and to provide barriers to access in a dangerous intersection
  • Guard Railing, Hand Rails, and Barriers

    From light-duty to heavy-duty flexible guard rail, Cisco-Eagle has the system that's right for you
  • Industrial Traffic Safety Sensors & Motion Alarms

    Explore our sensor systems that warn of oncoming traffic in the aisle, at intersections, and at the loading dock. With flashing lights and optional audible sirens, you can make workers more aware of the hazards around them
  • Forklift Approach Warning Lights -

    Our blue forklift warning light is one of our strongest sellers in safety equipment. It warns workers of an approaching forklift even at blind intersections
  • Rack and Conveyor Safety Nets

    Industrial safety netting helps protect workers from falling objects at pallet rack backs and overhead conveyor
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