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manufacturing case studies
  • American Greetings Conveyor System

    American Greetings replaced aging conveyors with a new automation that dramatically lowers decibel levels, reduces maintenance costs, and decreases energy consumption.
  • Tinker Air Force Base Platforms

    Tinker Air Force Base’s PMXS Production Squadron services and repairs heavy, difficult-to-handle TF-33 jet engines, and needed to find a better way to safely and ergonomically service the massive engines from multiple, simultaneous angles.
  • Electric Boat

    Before the upgrade, workers at the final assembly building were forced to climb scaffolding stairs to build submarines. Now, freight is moved to the tops of the platforms by two large vertical reciprocating conveyors.
  • Robroy Industries

    Robroy's goals included a reduction in operating costs, cycle counting implementation, more real-time information, capacity increase, order picking accuracy, and work pacing.
  • High-Capacity Bulk Paper Roll Handling System

    System allows paper & tissue manufacturing operation to safely and quickly transport extremely heavy rolls in a multi-level operation, utilizing live roller conveyors, a vertical reciprocating conveyor lift, and high performance automated stretch wrapping
  • Hargrove Manufacturing

    Since the AS/RS system was installed, Hargrove's log production has increased by 100% with no increase in manpower. Product quality has significantly improved, and the company has achieved a 40% reduction in order-filling cycle time.
  • Burlington House Area Rugs

    The potential for handling-related injuries has been reduced or eliminated. Customer service and system flexibility have been improved. Order-filling/shipping errors have also been reduced in Burlington's manufacturing fulfillment operation.
  • Harvard-Cherokee

    The manufacturing system easily handles Harvard's current workflow, and will definitely be able to accommodate the projected doubling of production. And it was put together in just 37 days.
  • Falcon Jet

    Inventory slotting revision, & warehouse redesign drives improvements. If a person doesn't have to look up a location or guess what part it is, and have to verify it, they're more accurate. There are fewer opportunities for a mistake.
  • Selma Oak Flooring

    Since Selma Oak Flooring completed installation, production has increased by more than 40% and labor savings have exceeded 25%. The new conveyor system reduces wear and tear on the company's employees by reducing manual handling.
  • Forney International

    "We recouped half of our stock room space by utilizing the carousels. Instead of running all over the stock room, an operator can stand in front of the carousel, access the shelves one at a time, pick his kits, turn and put them on the conveyor."
  • Washington Beef

    Washington Beef, Inc., a beef processing/fabrication facility located in the Northwest, needed to relocate and expand its material handling system from a single line scaling/labeling operation to an expanded dual line scaling/labeling operation.
  • Toshiba (Houston)

    Toshiba assembles very heavy motors at its Houston, Texas plant, and was at risk for product damage and injuries when heavy roto assemblies were inserted into motor frames. A new point of automation machine helped the company achieve safer, more efficient