High-Capacity Bulk Roll Handling System: Safer, More Productive

Safe, efficient conveyor transport of heavyweight loads

Heavy duty roll handling conveyor with turntable

In the midst of installing a new production line into an existing operation, a large paper manufacturing company defined the need for a conveyor system capable of transporting extremely heavy paper rolls up to 12,000 pounds. These conveyors had to integrate with other types of machinery for a fully functional, safe, and fast handling solution.

Cisco-Eagle and Omni Metalcraft designed a heavy-duty chain-driven live roller conveyor to feed and discharge a large diameter roller turntable. This allowed the paper rolls to be moved at 90-degree angles onto other conveyor lines. The system was implemented at lower levels of the facility to convey larger rolls of tissue into a vertical reciprocating conveyor outfitted with an integral chain driven live roller conveyor. The VRC moves the rolls to the second level. Once there, the system conveys them to an automated stretch wrapper machine, and then to shipping.

The conveyor allowed safer, easier handling of potentially dangerous heavy loads, and the VRC provided a safe, fast multi-level solution to a heavy-duty transport issue.