Secure Inventory in Your Dallas Facility

Wire partitions, security cabinets and lockers help reduce inventory shrinkage

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Security product experts in North Texas

If you have DEA storage requirements, high value products needing to be secured, or want to control access in your facility, the storage professionals in the Cisco-Eagle Dallas office can provide a solution for you.

We can help you secure your inventory from the time it arrives at the receiving dock until the time it ships back out of the door.

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  • Secure Wire Partitions

    Wire partitions create secure areas in your facility to store high value inventory, protecting it from pilfering.
  • Chrome Security Cages

    Store high value items in stationary or mobile chrome wire security units.
  • Folding Gates

    Control access at dock doors while allowing light and air to pass through when these folding gates are used.
  • Mesh Security Trucks

    All welded carts with 13 ga. expanded metal mesh sides and a padlock hasp. The expanded metal sides allow the items stored to remain in view while remaining locked inside. Equipped with bolt-on-casters.
  • Visibility Security Cabinets

    Heavy duty metal security cabinets with diamond shaped perforations in the door, or polycarbonate windows to keep items secure but visible. The cabinets feature a three point latch with a padlock hasp.
  • Aluminum Security Cabinets

    Aluminum security cabinets with lockable mesh doors and vented side panels. Lighter than a steel cabinet while maintaining strength. Available with or without casters.
  • Pallet Rack Security Cages

    Add wire mesh or solid wall enclosures to pallet racks for secure storage and access control.
  • Wire Mesh Bulk Lockers

    Galvanized welded steel wire mesh lockers offer secure storage with easy visibility of the contents. Available in single and double tier configurations.
  • Wire Mesh Security Cabinets

    Control access to inventory with wire mesh security cabinets. Doors have built-in cylinder locks.
  • Employee Dispatch Lockers

    Wire mesh lockers provides visible storage space for employees. These units have three individually locking doors with padlock hasps.
  • Security Window Panels

    The windows on your building are just another point of entry for a determined thief. Use Wire Mesh Window Security Panels to help prevent trespassing and vandalism.
  • Industrial Security Articles & Information

    Security and loss prevention are major concerns for your facility. Read articles about security in warehouses, data centers, and tenant storage.
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