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Move cartons, cases and totes to the pick face with smoothly gliding gravity feed and first-in/first-out replenishment

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Carton Flow

For Oklahoma City regional customers, Cisco-Eagle helps create effective gravity feed carton flow systems. We understand the importance of keeping product at the pick face so that pick workers don't have to spend time hunting down the sku's they need. That's why we work with companies like Unex, Keneco and SSI Schaefer to provide carton flow systems that can be custom made for your specific needs.

Cisco-Eagle is your flow system expert

One of the things Cisco-Eagle likes to do is help Oklahoma City customers understand the choices they have in the systems they want. That's why we are careful to provide as much information about a product that we can. We also encourage our customers to give us a call or submit an inquiry form if they have questions.

We work diligently to answer your questions with information that is helpful and accurate. We assist you in developing your gravity and carton flow systems based on site conditions to provide not only a system that works today, but that will allow you to expand and grow into the future.

Types of flow systems and how they differ

Carton and gravity flow systems come in several types and configurations. First, you have a choice between rack mounted or frame mounted systems. Rack mounted systems fit into your existing pallet rack or add pallet rack in the locations you desire. Frame mounted systems are lighter in weight, but sturdy enough to handle most flow needs. Their main difference is their welded or bolted construction and the ease in relocation and reconfiguring them. Some systems are even on wheels, making them the perfect choice for mobile pick stations.

The next key difference in flow systems is what type of track you choose - roller track, wheel-bed, or wheel rail

Roller track, basically very similar to conveyor roller sections but with smaller diameter rollers, provides distinct flow lanes for goods to travel on, making these a good choice when you have consistent carton sizes flowing per lane or level.

Wheel-bed flow is a lane-less system, allowing various sized cartons to flow to the pick face. This is a good choice for order fulfillment picking totes going to shipping departments, and mixed flow systems.

Wheel rail is very narrow track one wheel wide, but has wheels one in front of the next from front to back. The rail ends hang over the front and rear beams to provide precisely sized flow lanes that can be adjusted to fit the size of goods being flowed. Cases, cartons, bins and totes are often flowed on wheel rail track. Often rail guides are added to help workers differentiate one size lane from another.

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