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From high value goods in the warehouse to electronics and servers in data centers, Cisco-Eagle helps you secure your operations

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Consider the value of goods in your warehouse, data center, retail space or dock areas - would a security breach likely end in an expensive loss? If so, are you sure you have secured the right areas with the proper equipment?

Cisco-Eagle is your security equipment supplier

Here at Cisco-Eagle we know the value of stored inventory, electronics, and keeping access to certain areas limited. We know how to help you secure your valuables.

Protect access points first

Dock doors are some of the most vulnerable locations to theft. With goods staged for shipping, received goods ready to be stored and easy access to pallet rack storage, it's tempting for someone to pilfer through goods, select what they want and walk out. Close off that access with folding gates at the dock doors. Put wire enclosures around rack, and partition high-value goods behind locked cages.

Limit personnel access with security cages

Keep employees and visitors/drivers from taking high-value good by limiting access to key areas. Install driver cages to limit access to the warehouse floor. Lock up easy-to-hide valuable goods inside locked partitions or security cages. Secure electronic and server systems in data cages and allow only authorized persons into these areas. In retail space use lockable cabinets with mesh panels to store expensive goods in high demand. Prevent theft in the locker room with mesh sided lockers that allow visibility but keep light fingers out.

Security is a very real issue in today's business world

If you don't think you have a security problem, you should think twice. Are you counting inventory on arrival and doing counts during storage and shipment staging? Do you really know how much theft takes place in your facility?

Let Cisco-Eagle help you cut your losses with improvements in securing your facility. We have the equipment to secure just about anything.

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